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MAJOR financial vent thread

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i am SO stressed! i am due in 3 weeks, mw not sure i'm gonna make it that long. i love her to death, but her insurance person (K) is seriously at the top of my list right now of people to avoid so i don't go off on them. if the damn number changes one more time on how much insurance is going to cover, i'm going to blow!

first of all, i couldn't get a teaching job this year b/c of being obviously pregnant. and dh works freelance, so there went insurance. still trying not to be resentful about THAT turn of events. i finally get approved for state insurance, and coverage doesn't kick in until nov. 1. K TELLS me which plan to choose for maximum coverage. Should only owe $500. now, 3 weeks (if that) before i have this child, she tells me they will only cover part of the contract. leaving us a balance of $3500. and gee, they usually require a down payment of $4500. are you freakin kidding me???!!! you're dropping this on me NOW?!

dh works freelance. i work temp. we're going to be lucky if we have enough saved for me to take 3 months maternity leave. no work, no paycheck. not to mention the fact that i still haven't pinned down a pediatrician. and childcare so i can go back to work? haven't even started. can't afford to take time off work to go find stinking childcare, which i also can't afford so that's just a mom guilt trip waiting to kick in. on top of the one i already have b/c the poor kid has the hiccups from me getting so stressed and upset.

loving motherhood already, let me tell you....
thanks for listening.
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I'm sorry. *hugs*
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How frustrating!
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Oh, what a punch to the gut! Can you do payments at least? It's so hard when finances suck, hopefully you'll look back on this time as a quick blip where things were a little tough and they improve soon!
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Oh wow. That is a lot to deal with. Hopefully your MW can wrk with you on a payment plan at least. She should have steered you better in the first place towards the right insurance.

I hope it all works out.

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wow. State insurance in NY must suck! you will make it and have a beautiful baby!
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I'm having some of the same worries, but trying to stay in today and stay grounded and not freak out too much. Wishing you some good $$ vibes!
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I hate money problems.
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Big mama. I suggest a payment plan as well, especially since it was her insurance person that steered you wrong.
On a side note, I know how it feels to feel guilty working when your child is at daycare. We didn't have to do it until dd was about 18 months, but even while dh was taking care of her and I was working, it was hard for me. I'm only working halftime stating at the beginning of next year which is a major financial cut for us, but I can't take the guilt any longer. But the $$$ is always a worry.
Good luck!
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Money troubles always suck.. I hope you can work everything out. Try to relax (I know easier said than done)
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just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their support. i really needed the vent.
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Money problems are the pits. Our gas and electric threatened to cut our power last week due to a bill we did not even know about.
Just think, in 3 weeks you will have a beautiful baby. Things will work out one way or another. Best wishes and rainfalls of $$ to you!
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I am so sorry! Money woes are the worst!
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Hugs to you. I am so sorry this couldn't possibly come at a worse time for you. I know things will work out it just really sucks to have to deal with this now.
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