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Halloween Costume for 3 year old boy?

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Would love to hear what others are doing for Halloween costumes for younger boys. I was going to make it easy and just put him in a playsilk cape, knitted crown- call him Prince 'Teo and call it a day... but now he tells me he wants to be a clown fish. There is no way I can make him THAT costume by next week and I'll be double damned before I go to the Disney store to buy him one.

My friend said that it's a little much to expect my 3 year old to say "Waldorf-inspired woodland fairy elf" when asked what he's going to be for Halloween

TIA for any suggestions!
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My 3 year old son is going to be a cat. He's likes to pretend he's a cat on a daily basis, so we picked that as a costume. I figure he'll use it more than for the one day...
(his costume has already scared our cat so bad, she took a leap off my back! eek!)
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i don't know if anyone would consider it waldorf, but my 3 yo boys are going to be a pink monkey and a jack-o-lantern. i asked them months ago what they wanted to be and its been the same answer everytime. they love their costumes and wear them frequently.
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my dd is going to be a monkey. she was a bee last year. id say that would work for boys and girls
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I say get some Orange poster board, yarn and glitter and have him help you make that clown fish. (I'd just draw two matching sides of the fish, loop yarn on the top so they would hang off his arms wearable signboard style, connect the two sides at the front and back- put some goggles on his face and swim flippers on his feet to increase the cute value).

It wouldn't be a perfect costume and it wouldn't look like one out of Ladies Home Journal. But I bet your boy would adore it and it would only take an evening to do.

Costumes me and my DS1 have made together include: a dragon, a vampire bat, a king, a knight and Harry Potter.
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i was thinking about this post last night when ds was up for the millionth time to nurse.... what if you took orange constuction paper and made many fish and decorated all of them and attached them to a blue outfit so he could be a school of clown fish
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When my son was three he was a tiger- he wore striped Hanna andersson longjohns, and I made a tail out of felt, and attached felt ears to a headband.
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Ooh, I like the "school of fish" idea. That would be very cute.

My three-year-old is going as a prince with a playsilk costume and a crown. But that's because his sister is going as a princess, and he wanted to go as a princess, too, but all of the princess dresses are way too long for him and drag on the ground. So I think I've convinced him to be a prince. Since he has no idea that prince and princess are different things!
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