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Any St. Louis area Montessori moms?

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I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Chesterfield Montessori School or Chesterfield Day School. I think I'm going to send my boys to one or the other, but I'm really torn.

I'd also be interested in other experiences with Montessori in the Chesterfield/Wildwood area. The only other one we visited was Hope and while it's great their schedule is more of a daycare schedule and I do not need 5 full days for my (will be then) 2 year old.

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I am also looking at Montessori schools if anyone has reviews for me of montessori schools in North or northern mid-county areas I'd love to hear. PM me!
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I know one of the Montessori teachers through dds dance classes, but I haven't seen her in a while -- we've been going to class on different days.

So, subscribing to the thread in order to find it again later after I get a chance to talk to her.
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Yikes!! So sorry your post has been up for so long and no responses. I've been awol for awhile.

Our daughter goes to cms and we LOVE it. She's in her last year of primary and our son will be starting in january. It's a fabulous school and truly montessori in the purest respect of the word. I personally think It's a better school than chesterfield day school.

Right now cms is in the process of raising money to build and extension with a gym and middle school. So the school will go through 8th grade instead of 6th.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the 5 day week. The children are only there for 3 hours in the morning if you do half days and the time flies by like you wouldn't believe. And the thing is they LOVE it. When I was picking up dd when she was doing half days most of the time she was wanting to stay.

They have snack in the morning, a recess time in the 3 hours for outdoor play. I love that the children are in the rooms with their teacher until the end of their kindergarten year. The teachers truly know each child and the children bond with them.

Have you attended any of the open houses? If not the headmistress will gladly give you a private tour. But don't delay. The next semester starts at the end of winter break. If you wanted your dc could start then.

Good luck in your decision. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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Thank you jevm! I love having a mom with a child at one of the schools around here

I actually applied to both schools. I visited both and I liked them both for different reasons. The visits didn't help. I'm still torn. They both seem like places my boys would thrive. I am glad I did apply b/c my younger son got the last toddler spot for the fall.

We aren't back in St. Louis yet (we are in Springfield right now), so they'll be starting in the fall (well, probably we'd put them in the summer program).

Are your kids staying for elementary school? Do you have an idea of where kids typically go after CMS? It's interesting that they are considering adding 7 and 8. That's good to know.

I'm hoping my older son can visit both schools and I can get a sense for where he fits best.

Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it!
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DD will not be staying for elementary unfortunatly. We'll be in the parkway school system so I'm not too broken hearted about it though. I wish she could stay but frankly we just can't afford to have more than one child at cms at a time.

To answer your question. Children kind of go everywhere after kindergarten. DD will go to public school. Some of the children go to private schools like rossman. I think it depends on the family and what is important to them.

But yes-it's a wonderful school and we're very happy there. I think youre ds will be very happy in the toddler community. Good luck deciding where to send your other son.

The summer program is nice. The children are given swimming lessons every day and the children in kindergarten and up are also given tennis lessons. I will say that the summer program is much less structured than the regular school year but the children do still learn, but there's just a lot more play/outdoor time,working in the garden whatnot than during the school year.

Good luck./
See you at the bbq festival at the begining of the school year.
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