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Your Favorite Vitamen Supplement

Poll Results: Waht is your favorite Vitamin Supplement

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    Juice Plus
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    New Chapter
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    Other, Please explain
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I am trying to decide which vitamens to get started on, and it is so hard! I have had some in the past that my body didn't absorb, and the ones I use now cost so much money!!!
If you have experience with a good vitamen supplement and brand, let me know!
Thanks so much!
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I take a variety of brands but right now I am taking and selling Seasilver. It is a blend of every vitamin and mineral your body is supposed to need. It also has colloidal silver and cranberry juice and aloevera in it. It is a liquid so it has 99% absorbion rate. It is also 100% guarenteed. It is orgaic and is made out of seaweed and the above.

Ok I sound like a commerical. I have only been using for 4 months. I really like it. It tastes like cranberry juice, though not tart or that strong. I noticed within the first week that I had better energy and I slept better. I have some people that haven't noticed anything and others that have notices lots. I think it just depends on what your body is lacking.

I also take Omega3 from Usana, Colustrum from New Life, and Vit C (Sodium Abscorbate) from NOW off of the http://vitaglo.com site. I think that is it....

I have not gotten the cold that everyone else has gotten this season...I think it has been the vitamins or luck...I don't know..LOL

http://smarthealth.seasilverhealth.com (this link doesn't work but if you cut and paste it into your browser it does)
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I use:
*Nordic Naturals DHA
*NOW- Eco-green multi vitamin
*Solgar- Ester-C
*Coop brand- Acidophilus
*NOW- vegetarian multi mega EFA's

I also have a bottle of Colloidal silver that I take daily, but i can't remember the brand.

We also have a bunch of different Herbs for Kids herbal tinctures.
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I really like supplements from Thorne Research


but you can only get them from a licensed provider, and usually a naturopath. They're very very pure.
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Local HFS has its own brand now and the formulae are same as Solgar's- much less expensive. Also use Standard Process available to health professionals.
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my favourites...

No one brand is perfect for everything, but here are my favourites...
regular multivitamin combo's:
Phyto-Pharmica - great prenatals!
( all 3 brands are perscription strength & available to health care providers only)

liquid multivitamin:
Awareness Corp. brand "Complete" - since it is a liquid it is easily digested, dosing can be adjusted per age/weight, and it actualy tastes good! ( this is the vitamin which I most often perscribe to my patients, it is what I give my kids)

Nature' Way

* I have heard great things about Life Force - but I am waiting to try them myself before I prescribe them to patients...

Hope this helps -
Miranda ( formerly Chiromum)
chiropractor, wife to Todd, mum to Kolja (2) & Katja (8 mos.)
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My favorite multiple is SOURCE OF LIFE brand whole supplement mini-tabs.
NOW brand or GNC Vit C
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forgot to add...

Swiss brand vitamin C chewables - a Canadian brand that I import in for my own use. Raspberry is delicious!!!
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Juice Plus anyone?

I am really inerested in hearing some feedback about this product...anyone use it?
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I love New Chapter but they are so expensive!
About $45-$50 a month!


Anyone else know of a highly absorbable, vegetarian, whole food derived prenatal for less?
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I found Rainbow Light's "Complete Prenatal System" at my local coop when DH and I decided to try to conceive. I have been taking it for over three years now, and really like it. (I took it for a complete year before conceiving, and once pregnant kept taking it through nursing, and am now due with our second child.) I plan on continuing with this vitamin until we believe our child blessings are ended, and am no longer nursing. Then I will look for an alternative multi-vitamin. I don't believe this one is organic though, but I liked the idea of the extra ingredianets of spirulina, wheat grass, red raspberry leaf and ginger.

I found this prenatal recently in the vitamin shoppe catalog - and though I don't really like not supporting my local coop, financially, I have to go with what is less expensive in order to remain a mostly stay-at-home mom.

This prenatal comes in a one month or two month supply bottle. I can't remember the exact pricing, but I think the range from the vitamin shoppe was $23.00 - $36.00 for the bottles respectively.
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Vita Natal by Eclectic Institute was my first choice of prenatal, but when I had morning sickness I switched to Rainbow Complete Prenatal. They made me less ill to my stomach, I think maybe they had a bit less iron but can't really remember.

I've also taken the Dr. Tori Hudson brand (Vitanica) of prenatals. These days I'm 15 months post-partum but still take prenatal vitamins daily. I switch between Vita Natal and the Dr. Tori Hudson kind, whichever is on sale (both are cheaper than Rainbow where I shop and since morning sickness isn't an issue, I don't feel there's that huge a difference between Rainbow and the other two).

I've read many a prenatal label but liked all three of these because they included what I felt was an excellent level of the essential vitamins plus helpful herbs like red raspberry leaf, ginger, etc. They are more expensive, but some of the cheaper vitamins have less absorbable iron, too much or too little of certain vitamins for my comfort level, etc. $24 for a month's supply may seem like a lot, but choosing a good vitamin is worth a little under $1/day to me.

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i really like Twinlab vitamins. i have been taking them for about 5 years with good results. i took their prenatal for two of my 3 babies, and now take "Daily Two" and "Stress B Complex" for general health and multiple sclerosis.
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