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cloth and staph diaper rash

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dd is recovering from a staph diaper rash. Is there anything I need to do to disinfect her diapers to prevent her from possibly reinfecting herself? How would I go about this?
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i don't know, but i would do something like oxy clean or maybe even use a little bleach... and dry them on hot heat... a couple of times at least?
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I personally would use bleach as it has the power to disinfect (I don't think oxy clean has anything about killing germs on it's label), and staph is something I wouldn't want to mess around with. Just make sure you do some extra rinses afterwards.

Found this online, which also recommends bleach and hot drying:

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My son had a little staph on his bottom where he'd had a boil that burst and got infected. I boiled all our inserts and then ran everything through the wash with oxiclean. Then I washed with Charlie's Soap 2-3x, followed by 3-4 plain hot washes to make sure all the solutions and (hopefully) infection got totally rinsed out.

We haven't had any further problems, so I assume I got it all.
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My pediatrician told me as long as the water heater was above 150 degrees, it would kill it. Bleach would also be a good idea.
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