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incompetent cervix/cerclage success stories?

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i'll be 19 weeks tomorrow, was diagnosed with IC on monday and had a cerclage put in on tuesday... now on bed rest, probably for the rest of the pregnancy. good times

i was wondering if any of you have experienced IC w/your twins, and have had a positive outcome? if so, when did you deliver?

i'm taking the bed rest seriously, will be monitored weekly, and am trying to be optimistic, but of course i'm a little worried... any positive stories would be much appreciated!

i'm so lucky to have an amazing DH who is taking great care of me, and will be hiring someone to clean the house soon, but i'd also love any other tips you all may have for keeping yourself/your house together while stuck in a horizontal position.......
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hi honey,
there are a couple of us over in december holding tight. i was diagnosed at about 20 weeks, had the cerclage late at 23 but its worked great for me, im holding strong at 33.
i highly recommend the bedrest group at sidelines.org . great group of gals, many with IC.
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I got one at 24 weeks (I really don't think I actually have IC but the only way to really know is to lose a baby so I got it) and I did not really stick to bedrest after a few weeks (not saying you shouldn't or anything, I just did not). It was just too hard with a 2yr old! I took it easy but was not on total bedrest. I got my cerclage out at 36 weeks and had my babies at 40 weeks 3 days! After I got it out I did dialate and was dialated to 5 I think about a week or 2 before they were born. They were born super fast too, 1.5 hrs between waking up in labor and 2nd baby out. Oh, I did have a homebirth too.
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I lost a baby at 19 weeks and 2 days due to an incompetent cervix. I had dilated to 7 cm without a single contraction. For my next pregnancy (twins!) I had a cerclage placed at week 10 and was monitored weekly. I began to funnel at week 20 and was on bed rest from that point on. I took bed rest very seriously. Loosing a baby is a horrible experience that no one should ever have to experience. The death of a baby, or babies is not worth the trip to Starbucks or wherever you may decide you need to go.

I was allowed to use the stairs once a day, and to go to the restroom as needed. I spent my days in my living room and slept upstairs in my bed. The internet, books, friends, crocheting, creating a baby registry online all kept me from going insane.

The cerclage was taken out at 36 weeks and I chose to be induced at 37. Baby Girl was 6 lb. 7 oz. and Baby Boy was 6 lb. 10 oz. They are now robust 13 month old babies who we have a hard time keeping from climbing up on chairs and from there the table (Lord help us)

Get as much help as you can. My husband was an amazing support and help. We hired people to clean. Ask for help from your friends, family, neighbors, anyone else there is to ask. It felt funny to ask a friend to buy mouthwash, a water bottle, a calendar a click pen for me the next time she was out, but I really needed one (I kept drawing on the couch because I'd forget to put the cap on the pen). I asked friends to make meals, or drop off a pizza or some other take out. A lint brush was great for rolling the crumbs off of me and the couch. I got a laser point to entertain and play with the puppy since I couldn't get on the floor to play with her.

Netflix was also a great thing. Watch all the movies you want now since you won't have time once those babies arrive!
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I had a cerclage put in at 20 weeks due to an IC. I made it to almost 35 weeks (I had some other issues in addition to the IC). My babies are doing great (they will be 18 months soon). Just take the bedrest very seriously and try to stay as relaxed as possible. Rent Netflix (highly recommended), read some good books, and get some good social support.
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thanks so much for the replies, and the success stories. i really appreciate it!!

went in for my follow-up visit yesterday, and my OB says that everything is looking good so far. will definitely be on bed rest for a long time unfortunately, but i am definitely hip to netflix, have a big stack of books to read, and dh set up a desk w/my computer and other necessities right next to the bed. he's being incredibly helpful and supportive, cooking great healthy meals and generally taking wonderful care of me. it's good daddy-training and i'll be hiring a housekeeper shortly also, which will save his sanity i'm sure.

i'm just incredibly thankful that we caught this before it got to the point of no return. like you said MaEmma, i would have never ever known if not for that ultrasound. no pain or contractions, nothing. i'll do whatever i have to to keep these boys inside where they belong... a small price to pay! but it's just really great knowing that others have been through it + delivered healthy babes
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