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Suggestions to increase supply?

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Hi mamas,

Well, it looks like I messed up my supply a bit. I was block nursing to deal with oversupply (I think) and overactive letdown. I went too far. I'm glad to know what the problem truly is, but now I'm not sure what's the best thing to do.

I thought her screaming at my breast once active swallowing stopped was reflux or another issue, but decided to pump on a breast after she would scream and sure enough, I got maybe 10 drops in 10 minutes (I respond to the pump well, so that's not an issue).

So, I need to increase my supply. Marathon nursing won't work, as once I'm empty, she'll scream, try to suck and when she gets nothing, scream again and repeat and repeat and...

I've heard mixed things about herbs. What about Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's MilkTea?

Do I pump after I run dry to stimulate more milk, since she won't remain latched at that point? This is what I'm hoping will work.

Also, in the middle of the night *typically* she'll not eat much, but there are times when she's a piggy and she'll empty me every 2 hours LOL. So, on the nights that she just snacks, should I get up and pump every 3 hours?

This is starting to affect her, as she won't settle without a full tummy. It's heartbreaking for her to want to eat, but to come up empty on both of the girls. It's happening several times a day now and I'm kicking myself for not figuring this out earlier.

HELP! thanks!
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I use Nursing Mom's tea from Yogi teas, but it's the same idea. I also take 2 capsules of fenugreek daily, and feel no guilt eating oatmeal cookies. I don't have a real supply problem per se, but I do tend to feel emptier at night.

I would definitely keep up on the pumping--there does seem to be a real correlation between supply and demand in bf'ing.

Hang in there mama!
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oatmeal is`my wonder drug!
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I heard about oatmeal here on the board a few weeks ago, and it's worked where fenugreek never did for me.
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Also, maybe try 'switch' nursing.
I am not an expert, at all; however, I think that If you continuously switch sides throughout a nursing session, that will promote more supply (as per my MW info).
Also, I think that more frequent nursing will also help. Maybe someone who knows for sure could validate or debunk what I just said though...
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I've heard that pumping even when you don't get anything is helpful for stimulating demand. Too late to help me, I read that pumping in the evening, and then pumping again 20-30 mins later is especially helpful because it simulates a growth-spurting baby who's nursing extra. Take care of yourself too, try to rest, eat and drink plenty yourself.
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Their Goats Rue and their Lactation Aid always worked wonders for me. You might need to order it though. Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle always worked too, but the tinctures from WishGarden worked faster, and were more effective (ie I had more milk).

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Thanks so much for your replies! I went and bought the tea today and have had 2 cups so far. I sure hope it works!

I've heard oatmeal is good, but it gives me headaches . Is it a short-term solution or can I eat some for a few days and expect to keep the milk I gained when I stop? How much do I need to eat.

Ok, I'll pump when she's done eating to stimulate a growth spurt (cool idea!).

Since my supply is so much lower, I can and do switch sides during one feeding if it's been a couple hours since she late ate. I started block nursing, because she was getting too much foremilk, because I didn't finish her on the first breast before switching and it caused her lots of gas, explosive poops, etc. So, if I get my supply back up, I will switch as soon as she's let me know it's empty, rather than block nursing for x amount of hours. The things I wish I would've known a few weeks ago. :

Thanks for the help mamas!
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Great job! Keep us posted on Sarai and your supply. Looks to me you are on the right track!
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