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Natural doctor in Columbus?

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I am looking for a naturally inclined doctor in Columbus. I am pretty sure I have gut issues and would like help in that, as well as moving towards overall health. It would need to be someone who is covered by insurance(not a ND...unless you know of one that united takes!), and I would prefer the westside, although I am willing to travel!
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I know nothing of this group but wanted to share this website with you. I recently saw an ad in our local co-op's newsletter about this group. www.masayacenter.com. I looked at the website. They do take UHC. I read through the site. Like I said, no experience with them! I know there are ND's in Columbus. I have seen this website: www.everythingismedicine.com. Not sure if they take UHC.
I bet someone will have experience they can share!
Good luck.
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