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Obama in Abq

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Anyone braving the crowds tonight? Ds wants to go, DH is just getting back from Germany so Iam on my own and I have a babysitter on hold for DD. I have a friend nearby and we can walk from her house but it will be a bit of a hike.
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I wanted to, but I don't think we'll make it

and George Lopez is going to be there!!!
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Just finished voting for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wanted to go, but my little one is coo-coo and we felt it was best to stay close to home today. If you went, tell us all about it!
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Just got back, well I guess an hour ago. It was cool, we were far way tho'. I did technically see him. But the point is we were there. It was fun. Bill Richardson, George Lopez and some other political types were there. GL made all kinds of hsipanic jokes and it was cute. Barack talked for about 30 minutes. His voice is starting to get hoarse. I can't imagine how hard a 20 month interview in front of the whole world must be. Nothing new in his speech except to VOTE EARLY ( i highly suggest it- I went today and it was soooo painless and easy and quick ) and encourage others to do it too. he talked about how the race gets ugly the last couple weeks and if you vote early you wont be affected by the lies from the other side.

Now off to leep. Gotta catch babies tomorrow.
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oh, how exciting! I bet there were tons of people there.

I'm definitely voting early, hopefully in the next couple of days.
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Very cool Doularn. My mom was jealous when I told her you were going.

I voted absentee ballad this year because of my health stuff. Last presidental race I was about to have a baby and it sucked waiting in line, but I did it. This year the thought of waiting in line made me want to cry.
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YAY for voting early !!!
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