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I'm not in labor, I'm not in labor...right?

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It's too early for me to be in labor. I'm not "full term" until Wednesday. What is happening is that I'm just having really strong BH ctx, a weird all-over tingly feeling, irritability, cramps, and back pain because my body is "prepping" and there's a storm outside.

Nothing to it.


I wish I could self-diagnose my cervical progress. Or had a crystal ball.
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Could just be pre-labor.. I don't know, if they start coming closer together or your water breaks then you are in labor.. Aren't I helpful??
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I think what's alarming me the most are my emotions. I don't want to be near anyone, really, and I want to go to a cave and hide. And I'm *this* close to tears. So weird.

I bet I won't have this baby for another three weeks and I'll laugh about this on Monday.
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If you lay down or take a bath, do they go away? If not, you might be going into labor. Are the cxs regular?
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: to what snowgirl said. Take a bath, have a small glass of wine if you want, try to relax. They should go away. If not, or if they get stronger... yeah, could be labor.

I have been extremely emotional and feeling cave-like myself for the past couple weeks. I think that is totally a normal late-pregnancy thing!
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how far apart are they? how long do they last? what do they feel like? just a pressure or does it feel like something stronger that would change your cervix? Which part of your back hurts and does it only hurt during the contractions or all the time?

Being in and out of labor for the last week or so, these are the questions the nurses kept asking me.
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I just took a bath, and they didn't go away...but I didn't want it very hot, so maybe that's why nothing happened. I don't have any wine.

I'm not getting the burning feeling up the middle like I did last time, and I'm not unable to talk during the contrax. My back hurts all the time, but it does intensify during each contrax. My back hurts along my waist, from the middle of my spine and around to my hips.

I don't feel any immense pressure down there. In the bath, I tried to feel my cervix, but I have no idea what I'm feeling. I felt his head, and when I pressed, he moved away from it (that was weird, let me tell you).

When they intensify, then I'll know, right?

The babe is moving around a little.

What's probably going on is that I'm in labor, but not THE labor. Maybe it's all part of the gradual process. Maybe that means that this time, my labor day will be quick. (One can hope.)
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then I'd be keeping track of how far apart they are and how long they last.

A few days ago I was there too. Mine were every 4 - 5 mins, lasting 60 - 75 seconds. My lower back was killing me. They did a VE and I was 2 cm. It stayed like that for two hours. I drank a TON of water as fast as I could and they eventually tapered off.
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crashing ddc

I want another baby! So excited for you.

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Hmmmm....maybe you are in early labor. What about lying down? How far apart of the cxs? Try timing them, this site is pretty good. http://www.contractionmaster.com/. I have been using it to time mine.
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Thanks, Sage! I'm going to down some more water and trying going to bed. Maybe I'm just exhausted.
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Good luck!

The last day I was in the hospital I had been laboring like that and when the nurses called the OB, her explanation of the contractions was that I had gotten no sleep the night before and had been completely exhausted the whole day.

So there is some merit to the exhaustion theory! But contracting like that sure perks one up! I hope the water helps and rest helps.
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Oh yeah, I've felt like that off an on, though not as uncomfortable as what you are describing. Generally I just drink some wine and put my feet up, try not to think about it. Have you called your care provider to see what s/he recommends?
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Make sure you drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can cause contractions that aren't really labor (thats what they thought was going on with me when I went in the first time with DD.. of course I had her less than 6 hours later so they were wrong).
Try to relax and get some rest. If it really is labor you are going to need it.
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Originally Posted by ambotchka View Post
I'm going to down some more water and trying going to bed.
this is what i was thinking... maybe you just need a heavy session of rehydration.
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When I was about due with my last one I would have major braxton hicks. I would just lay down and drink a lot of water and they would go away eventually. They did get really painful sometimes though. But when I really did go into labor I knew it. It was a whole different kind of pain. I think you'll just know when it's happening!! Good luck to you! Try to get some rest and get hydraed either way. If you are in labor you'll be rested and hydrated for it. But if you're not you'll still be rested and hydrated!!!
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Any updates, Amber?
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Not much happened last night, except that I woke up with a few painful contrax. And the baby is lower now. I can breathe! I'm still getting the contrax, even after lots of water, but they're hardly noticeable this morning.

We're going to a corn maze for DD's friend's b-day party today. That's a lot of walking...
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Oh, Amber, take it very easy today! Breathing is good, baby dropping is good, but the walking will probably bring them back.

, try to hold on a little bit longer!
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Ok, so now I'm up really late b/c I can't sleep...because the contrax are getting painful. I took a bath and did all the things you're supposed to.

Ugh. I haven't packed a bag or anything.

Here's to hoping I can get to bed and then sleep it off.
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