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Homeschooling in Hawaii

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I am a homeschooling mama who will be relocating to Kauai after the first of the year. Can anyone point me in the direction of resources of how to comply with local laws for homeschooling? Are cover schools required in Hawaii?

Chloe :-)
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www.HawaiiHomeschoolAssociation.org is a very active group on Oahu.

Usually you can't join the Yahoo group part unless you come to a meeting but maybe if you email with the admins? They might have outer island (Kauai) contacts for other HSing families.
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aloha chloe - since you read my other email you know i am also a homeschooler and may possibly move to kauai and am interested in what, if any, homeschooling community is like there. just trying to stay in the loop...
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We are saving to move to Kauai. Should be there in 2 years LOL. Which just means we have 2 years to research LOL - so thanks for the link :-)
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