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NaNoWriMo - Page 3

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Dumb question... but how do we add friends? When I go to my buddies page it says to add a buddy by going to their profile page, but how do I get there?
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I'm in. My user name on it is SMan. I haven't really written it yet. Gotta stop procrastinating and start stepping up the word count.
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I'm in for the first time. Maggirayne there too. Got up early and did 1200 words.
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I am "mrsbernstein". I am trying ot log=on to find the forum...but it is a bit slow.

Mrs B
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according to the website the search for authors is down for the moment because of all of the traffic on the site.. and turning off that feature helps speed things up a little bit.. they will turn it back on when things slow down a little.

609 words for me because we had a busy day at the Farm & DS has refused a nap.. and we are both going to bed now, so that will be my count for the day.. Hate to start off with a low count but head is threatening a 3rd migraine in 3 days, so I think sleep is more important than writing right now!

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Oooh, so many mamas! Exciting, exciting!

I'm up to 3085 - I literally just sat down, and started writing - and I think I like it. I still don't know what it is, but I like it!

So, basically we can't add anyone until the Author Search comes back up? Good to know.
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Jude's asleep, and I'm up to 1221... I'm hoping to make it to about 2600 tonight. Wish me luck... I have no clue where I'm going with this story!
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oh... great job, everyone! keep up the fantastic work!
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I must admit that the first chapter came super-easy. Of course, I will admit that this story is a recurrent dream that I have had for a motnh or so..

Count: 1940

Here's my problem, I can't decide how to do Chapter TWO. The first chapter takes place on Dec 26. And the story follows a girl growing up. Now do I make Chapt 2 the NEXT day, or do I skip ahead some?


Mrs B
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We can add each other through the forum if you go over there and make a comment on the thread I started in the "Writing Group" section. Once your name is on there beside your post, people can click on it and then click "add as buddy"

At least, that is how we did it last year because the Author Search kept petering out.

BTW: Great job everybody! I'm glad to get an extra hour to write tonight!
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I haven't done any prep yet, but I'm willing to give it a go. With a toddler, part-time school, part-time work, my boyfriend and a new WOW addiction I should have plenty of time to devote to writing an awful novel.
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I would LOVE to go chat it up with y'all tonight on teh NANO board...but it keeps timing me out!

Well, I suppose I should call it a night anyway. My words are done for today!

Happy writing!

Mrs B
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I'm Bella Catalina over there too. It's 7:23pm on Nov 1 and I haven't started yet... I think having a 6 day old may have something to do with that... Aiming for 2K tonight!
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ok... MC (main character) INSISTED on telling me more of her story, so i HAD to get up & write it before I forgot! so 1,632 words now! much better than before.. But I REALLY need to go to bed now!!! DS has been asleep for over an hour and that means an hour less sleep for me tonight! And I NEED my sleep!! ECK!!!

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Is anyone else unable to update their word count on the NaNoWriMo site? I'm doing this for the first time this year and am really pleased with myself for getting 2320 words tonight! I want to input my word count!

ETA: user name = domesticdork
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Ugh, today kinda sucked, but at least I knew it would ahead of time.

I had to work and then we had to drive up to Travis Air Force base (about one and a half hours away.)

I managed to write a measly 213 words. On the bright side, I did manage to finish up my character sheets and get some plot details worked out.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be off and running!
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I don't do much pre-planning, found it threw me off in previous years of doing nano, so I had a few notes jotted down that I read over last night just before midnight and I dove right in. I've got todays official minimum done, but need to get to my own personal minimum of 2,000.

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I was finally able to post on the thread on Nano. I'm trying to add buddies, but it keeps timing out. Hopefully, I can get on later.
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I am not alone!

Goddess I am so thrilled I am not alone!

I need a wonderful writing buddy! Badly! :

Two birthdays this month and a long holiday out of town! I have not finished in years and badly want to. Help!

What is you daily writing goal?
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Originally Posted by hollyvangogh View Post
Is anyone else unable to update their word count on the NaNoWriMo site? I'm doing this for the first time this year and am really pleased with myself for getting 2320 words tonight! I want to input my word count!

ETA: user name = domesticdork
I can't update either
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