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My DH and I always go together and always seem to have one of the kids with us when we go. Its such a pain to get in and park and I refuse to fight my way in by myself. Any child with us always goes in the booth with one or the other of us. No one bats an eye. Though usually my DH has kiddo in his arms when he votes. In our town we line up by alphabet. I have a different last name. The elderly volunteer who does my letter is a bit slow and has a difficult time finding people on her list. I usually have to help her find me. Meanwhile my DH's line is quick due to a younger volunteer.
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I did.
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Heck yeah!!!!! They always come with me. I think it is important that they see me voting and learn from early on in their lives that this is something they will do when they are older. Also, some towns we have lived in have had kid ballots at the polling place and they all have stickers! The kids love it!
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This year dd will be at preschool, and I will be bringing ds with me
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I usually take my kids with me when I vote, depending on what I've got going on that day and our schedule. I took all 4 kids with me when I voted in the primaries for the state races in Septemember, but for the upcoming election I'll probably be on my own.
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my dd is 4 month, so i will be bringing her and i will continue to bring her. it's a great opportunity for children to see a polling place and know they can have in impact on the future (i would like to think). i could remember my father bringing me when i was really young.
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Originally Posted by milehighmonkeys View Post
you going to take your kids to the polling place?
ABSOLUTELY! It's SO important! In fact, DD regularly asks me about when the next time we vote is, whenever we pass by our local polling place.

And most polling places are open long hours to accomodate working/school schedules. We'll probably go in the afternoon, after picking DD up from school, before I start work. Should be a less busy time.

We're all so excited about election day. My mother ALWAYS talked to us about politics, and brought us with her to vote. I remember registering to vote when I turned 18. Remember VIVIDLY my first vote. I can't imagine not involving my kids!!!
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I'll have both kids with me since my son's school is closed. I used to go with my parents when I was a child but it was more fun then. The curtain lever...the voting levers...all of it.

Here we have open booths in which we draw lines (to compete an arrow I think) to mark our votes. I'll try to go at an off time so that the waiting lines aren't as long. But my son remembers going last November and they had stickers and...CANDY. He'll be so disappointed if there's no candy this time. He's got his priorities, you know.
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I will bring all my kids. I typically go midmorning, and I've never had to wait for more than a few minutes.

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I'm pretty sure dh will take dd with him this year. I voted by mail this year because of some health issues, otherwise we'd be going as a family. In that case, we probably would have each taken a kid.
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Yep. I'm taking the day off work, doing some get-out-the-vote volunteering in the morning, then picking up DD from kindergarten and taking her to our polling place. DH will leave work early to join us and he is beyond thrilled to be voting in his first presidential election. He's lived in the states for 20 + years but only became a citizen 3 years ago, we've both been volunteering for Obama and against a ballot prop here in Az. Election night we will have a sitter when we go to the local Democratic election night party downtown with our adult kids. We are all excited.
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We have a routine on election day--first we vote (our polling place is at a recreation center playground so kids are totally entertained) then we go out to breakfast. I'll probably keep DD out of school that day to come with us.
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i have in the past.
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I early voted and I did take all four of my kids with me. They were so excited to go and did really well. The lady there gave them all an "I Voted" sticker too which they thought was pretty cool.

I never went with my parents. And my mom was pretty surprised when I told her I was taking my kids. I think it's really important though and was happy to take mine with me.
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We've got early voting in Indiana so I took DD2 with me this morning to "do our civic duty " ! We waited about 40 minutes, so I'm really glad I didn't have all 3 kids along.
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Yes I take my kids to vote. It is very important to me.
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When we happen to be "home" during elections, DH and I take the kids and take turns--one votes while the other watches the kids. If they are in school, then they go to school. Next election cycle, my daughter will be almost 12, so I might get her a mock ballot and have her "vote" and explain why she voted for each particular person/issue (or was she just voting against the other person...)

However, this year we voted absentee because we are on the other side of the country right now. My DH never knows how I vote and I don't ask how he votes.
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I'll take both kids. We can walk to our polling place, so I'll probably do that and walk over to the playground afterwards. I can remember voting with my mom when I was a kid, it's a good civic memory. Ds is getting sick of me asking who's going to be the next president ("Barak OBAMA, stop asking me that!").
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yes. we all went together as a family to the primaries. I always take DS.
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