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I've taken her with me every time I vote.
She pretty much digs the process and is forming her own opinions about the whole thing.
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Yes, they like to watch my fulfill my "civic duty". Since our town is relatively small, it's a social event too.

DS also likes to watch the voting machine "eat" my ballot.
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Absolutely. There was actually a study that said kids who went with their parents to vote were more likely to grow up to be voters. I'll see if I can find it!

ETA: Maybe tomorrow actually. I need to go to bed.
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We have always taken our children. We live in the country and our polling place is small. Sometimes they sit and wait for us, but most of the time they go in the booth with us.
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I've always taken ds, he doesn't remember the last election though. This year I voted by absentee ballot at town hall, so it was a bit different, but he came with me.
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I take mine, but it is a small town/not crowded.
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Mine have always come with me. They like to cast my vote when I give them the go ahead. Dh and I believe it is important for kids to see their parents taking an active role in voting. If I had to wait to vote I might think differently. I've always walked in and voted. Once I waited 5 minutes. I might think differently if there was a 2 hour wait.
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My 4yo son always comes with me to vote. We had to wait about an hour and a half yesterday and he did pretty well. The woman that was in line behind us now knows all about our pets and Riley's toys and Halloween costume
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Yes, always have. This year I voted early via mail-in, but I don't like the feeling, so next time I'll be taking my youngest two with me.
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I take everyone with me, every time. They love it. The ladies at our polling place are great and even set up chairs for the kids to stand on and watch.
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I always take my daughter to vote. She's 3 1/2.

The other day she had her little animals lined up, I asked if they were having a parade. She said, No they are waiting in line to vote!
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I have in the past and frankly it was pretty awful, with both of them crying/screaming/whining and waiting in a long line with lots of annoyed people and then being very distracting while I was voting. Yuck. I tried to vote early this year and the lines were so long I didn't even wait in them, just left. But I want to vote on Tuesday. I put up a note on Craigslist hoping to find another mom in my neighborhood to trade child care with so we can both vote without our children along. Nobody answered yet, but I put a similar post up for our LLL-spinoff playgroup and I've had one friend offer to come watch my kids at my house while I vote, and another decided to set up a child dropoff at her house for the whole group so we can all take turns voting and watching kids !!! :
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I got an absentee ballot this year because we are out of town for several weeks. I haven't taken DC with me in the past because I wouldn't actually get to vote then. Maybe when they are older but at 5 and 2 they couldn't sit still long enough to not be a distraction to everyone.
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I don't have the energy to take three boys ages three and under to the polls. So, a few of us with young children in the neighborhood are having a playdate and the moms are going to take turns going out to vote.

At the next presidential election, my sons will have a better understanding of what is going on and I will take them then.
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My children have gone with me for every vote. With early voting, we vote together as a family. But, before early voting, dd would go the polls twice: once during the day with me (while dad was at work) and once in the evening with dad (when I was at work). That child had better grow up to be a voter! lol

I have nice memories of going into the polling booth with my dad. It was the kind that recorded your vote when you opened the curtain (some kind of mechanism), and that curtain held all kinds of mystery and power to me.
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I've taken my DS every single time I've voted since he was born in 2005. I def took him for this historic election! I would've taken the baby (early voting, of course) but did it on a Sat so DH watched him. Now I kind of wish I had taken him--historic thing again. But I had to go to the grocery afterwards and couldn't take it!! My polling place is very efficient and there's never any kind of wait. Like I said, I went on a Sat and saw several kids w/ their parents.
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Yes, he'll be going with me. Partly because I don't want to pay a sitter for the couple minutes it'll take me, and partly because it's something very important and I'd like to instill the importance in voting from a young age.
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If there's no school on that day, I will take ds with me.
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Yes, I always do.

Note: I`m Norwegian, and ofcourse I`m voting when there is an election here, not in USA:
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Yep - we'll be taking our girls to vote. DH happens to have that day off (and I'm a SAHM) so it works out that we can. I like taking them. When we voted in the primaries, DD loved getting a sticker and chatting with people in line. I'm a little nervous about long lines, but I've been told that where we live now doesn't really get long lines. Our last town we waited HOURS in line so I hope that doesn't happen here!
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