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the hair falling otu thing was so scary for me! i called my mom at 6 months postpartum and thought i had some rare form of cancer and she tells me it's totally normal, why didn't anyone warn me?

i too felt euphoic for a few days afterwards, like really good drugs euphoric, which was great! the first time i nursed my son, which was 12 hours after his birth as he was in the NICU, i felt more "high" at one with the universe and in touch with my body then i have ever felt in my entire life, it was beyond orgasmic, it was psychedilic to quote Spiritual Midwifery. that was beautiful and no one could have prepared me for feeling that. i literally felt waves of ecstacy rolling up and down my body and DS's body, it changed me.

for the not so fantastic part, i say be warned about hospital birth in general, they most likely WILL try and "suggest" or push interventionsan your head will be foggy with labour and you might make choices you wouldn't otherwise do because you are completely vulnerable to your birthing practitioners at that point. my hospital "med"-wives msuggested stripping my membranes manually (holy ouch!), breaking my amniotic sack, taking an anti-hystamine to help me sleep (why should i sleep during labour if my body doesn't want to sleep?), and suggested nubaine which i took even though i had felt really strongly against drugs and even though it didn't help and may have contributed to my son's breathing problems that had him in the NICU for 4 days. i was also given an "emergency" 3rd degree episiotomy that i seriously don't think was needed.

what could i have done about the above? nothing, life happens as it is supposed to happen and as we make choices so i have no regrets but i DO have a strong resolve to make different choices this time around and fully take control of what i can which is why i am following my instincts and having a homebirth.
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aris- I wish someone told me about how hospitals will push things on you as well. The hospital I had DD pretty much told me I was going to have an epidural and I was so exhausted and in so much pain I agreed. The person who removed it messed up and nicked my spine, I still have back problems from it.
I remember one more I really wished someone would have told me.. To freeze meals beforehand. I figured since it was my first and I didn't have any kids to take care of at home Ill be fine cooking. Nope, I was in pain from the tearing I had and by the time I got home I had started to crash from the high I got at DD's birth so I was in no shape to cook. It actually took me weeks to get back to my old self when it came to cooking and housekeeping.
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With my first, I wish I'd known that I know more about what MY body needs than ANYONE!!! This includes well-meaning doulas, midwives, relatives, etc.! And in addition to knowing what my body needed, I wish I'd not been so afraid to hurt people's feelings by saying, "No", or, "this is what my body feels like it needs to do, so this is what I'm going to do...", etc.

I wish I'd been more educated about how incredibly fabulous the side lying position is for getting more sleep! I spent the first 2+ weeks of nursing having to get up, turn the light on, sit up, prop pillows around, nurse baby, try and lay baby back down, etc., etc. Once someone showed me how to do the side-lying position, I was a new woman (getting sleep for the first time pp, lol)!
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ooh! good one!
i totally agree the side lying nursing is the best ever! i'm not sure which is the best part, sort of dozing or snuggling with an infant.
looking forward to that again :
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