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Joining this happy club!

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I found out last week. : This will be my second and final baby. Hoping for healthy, but hoping for a girl too. I have a sweet little boy. Last time I didn't find out until I was 8 weeks instead of 4, so secretly hoping that's going to happen again.

I had a very healthy pregnancy last time and a beautiful birth. Also hoping for the same.

I'm having a tough time picking out a doctor. My hubby isn't up for a homebirth at this point, though we can always decide in the final trimester. I have briefly met a few OB's and know more than I knew last time, so it's making this decision tough.
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Welcome and Congratulations!!!
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Hi! Welcome!

This will be our second and last too! I am also hoping for a girl!!!

Do you have any birth centers in your area? That might be a good in-between choice from hospital and homebirth.
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I DO have a birth center here in town! I feel so blessed to be in such close proximity to a great resource like that. Close = within 30 minutes. However, last time when I visited, I did not feel like it's the place for me. It is perfect in many way, the best children's hospital this side of the state right near by for that just-in-case satisfaction. It wasn't the people, as I am good friends with several. It might have been the carpet, I'm not sure, something about it didn't suit my fancy. And, call me silly, I plan to ride my bike to all my prenatal appointments until I'm just too large or tired to get there. I like to ride and the hospital I picked happens to be nearby. (this makes it sound like that was my deciding factor). I will probably revisit the birth center to see if this time it feels different for me. One of my best friends is a lactation consultant there. Talk about great one on one help, I can't thank her enough for nurturing my nursing relationship with my son through the break-in phase last time. (Okay, yea I'm pregnant, little bit of tears there. )

Thanks for the suggestion, I have not ruled out the birth center here in town, but don't think that's where I will feel comfortable. I'd rather be at home or prepared with knowledge in a hospital. At least that's where I'm at now.
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That makes sense to me...

I would also suggest looking into getting a doula either way.. but especially if you choose the hospital route
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Yes to Doulas!!

Agreed. I did not have a doula last time though seriously considered it. I think I may invite a like minded informed friend to come help with labor. I realize they don't have the same expertise and experience as a doula, but are also free. And it has a lot to do with my disposition, sense of informaty...besides considering becoming a doula myself. (Yes I realize doulas need doulas too. ) I wish the name was more common place in households of expectant mama's! Even if all they do is run for popcicles during a drama-free birth to allow the papa and mama to be to relax together.
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You may be able to find a cheap or free doula who has taken the course and needs her certification births.. that's what I did my last (and only) birth! She was free

and yes.. doulas need doulas too! I am also considering being a doula, and I am taking a doula course at my community college currently!
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I'm joining! Yeah! I just found out yesterday.
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