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childcare share/swap

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my EDD is nov. 13th and i will be returning to work part-time in february. i have NO idea what i'm doing for childcare yet. i'm looking for anything that works with our situation.

we live in washington heights, but i work in west midtown. i'll be working tues/wed/thurs and hours would be 8-6. our budget is going to be tight so we're interested in a childcare swap (with compensation since we need 3 days vs. being available for 2) and/or nanny share primarily. or if you know somebody (or a reputable provider) that is between 168th and 50th off the 1/A/C that we could speak to that would be greatly appreciated as well.

we have pretty much nothing right now, so i'm interested in any and all tips/leads. pm or post replies. thanks!
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There are truly excellent licensed daycare centers on the Upper West Side. I will PM you the names and #'s.

Your child needs three full days a week, be careful about choosing a random person off a parenting board. This is your child's care, and that is a lot of time.

You want to seriously consider using a licensed place or some person you know or have a relationship with before you leave your child for so many hours a day.

Try calling the daycare council, they do not charge a fee and have all types of ideas for infant care.
Day Care Council of NY www.dccnyinc.org
(212) 206-7818
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no matter what, there will be interviewing involved. worst comes to worst, i will quit my job and BE a daycare provider. since i'm a licensed teacher, i'm sure it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to transition into.

and thanks for the list! i'll start calling ASAP
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