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Adoption in Missouri

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Does anyone have experience with adopting in Missouri? How long it takes, what the laws are, how much it costs. I don't have any child in particular in mind, but we are considering it. We would prefer to adopt an infant. We already have two kids, could have another one of our own, but there are unwanted kids out there and would like to try this path.
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I'm in Southwest MO and work for a private, non-profit adoption agency. I also used to work for DFS as a social worker back in the day. I think cost can vary widely. If you are thinking about adopting through the state, the cost would be fairly minimal, start out by contacting the DFS office in your county and talk to the worker who does the foster care licensing and let them know what you are thinking about. If you want to know more about the agency I work for, I would be happy to give you some info, just pm me.
Good luck on your journey, I've loved working with families from all sides of the coin.
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We adopted in Missouri and I know a bunch of people who have but every story is so different I can't really answer your question. The Missouri Bar association has a good website with some of the legal stuff you'll need.
Hmmmm seams like there was more. Look through the rest of the family law section.
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That information is helpful, I thought I would need to contact the local dfs, but wasn't sure. Also I will check the law link. I may pm you socialworkmama in the near future.
Thanks again.
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