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Canker sores after seeing dentist?

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I get canker sores once in a while, nothing bad but they still hurt and are annoying. I got my teeth cleaned about 2 weeks ago and got a canker sore after that. Now I just went to the dentist this morning to get a filling redone and now I have another canker sore! I didn't notice it until after I got home, it came out of nowhere. Do you think it's related to going to the dentist??
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My daughter tends to get them in relation to physical or emotional stress. Does going to the dentist make you feel stressed out?
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No, I don't mind going to the dentist. Maybe I react to something they use there.
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Some dentists are kinda rough with the mouth and lips. Not to mention it's just not normal to have your mouth touched, pushed on, and other things that are part of dental visits. Is it possible it was slightly injurious and the irritation was enough to start the sores? I agree with the stress part, but maybe it's not mental emotional type stress, but instead a physical stress. Just my thoughts.
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peace_laughing - You know, I think you're right. I looked last night where it hurt and it looked like there was a little hole there. I think the dentist poked me with something and I couldn't feel it due to the novacaine. So maybe it isn't a canker sore and will go away sooner. I hope!
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Hey, that's great! Hopefully it does heal soon! GL
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just wanted to add that I just had some pretty major dental work (removing wisdom teeth) and once the novocaine wore off and I was able to move my jaw a little and tongue I noticed several really bad sores, I remember them being a little rough with presumably keeping my tongue out of the way, didn't think of it being a canker sore, but its essentially the same thing, hurts really bad to eat anything...
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