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rust colored urine in newborn

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My SIL newborn son (he is 10 days old) has had a slight rusty colored and crystalized stain in his diaper --- for the past 4 or 5 days. She has been exclusively breastfeeding him and while he has latched on fine he is a sleepy baby and until a day or two ago was sleeping for long periods of time without nursing... Her ped thinks dehydration and of course recommended supplementing with formula which she does not want to do.. she has been waking baby up every 2 hours to feed and he is having plenty of wet diapers but with this strange discoloration in his pee.... She is wondering if anyone else has experienced this, the dr is not even completely convinced herself that it is dehydration.... and if it is how she can convince dr to continue breastfeeding without supplementing... any thoughts suggestions, clues are weclome! Thanks!
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IT IS NOT DEHYDRATION!!! It is normal!!!

Especially in boys. I'm amazed her ped didn't totally reassure her. Oxalate crystals in a newborn's urine is a transistion to extrauterine life/food thing, and although usually occurs around day 4-5 and doesn't last more than a couple of days, it is normal! If he has 6-8 wet diapers a day, he cannot be dehydrated, and some babies are just sleepy! How's his weight gain?

I can't say strongly enough that this by itself is NOT a reason to supplement.

Barbara, LM, CPM and who has seen a lot of this, including my own son.
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My ds had this too when he was born. I called the ped about it and he told me not to worry. It went away after my milk came in. And, you know? What's this about it taking 24-48 hours for your milk to come in? I swear mine didn't come in for a week (and I'm just saying that to let you know that there's a *range* for the first milk let down.)

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ds had the same and the ped also said it was ok,
maybe she should find another ped!
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