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Homemade Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys?

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I am having a heck of a time coming up with stuff to make for my 13 year old nephew. He really isn't into music (so no cool guitar strap), but sports. He is a total jock, and I don't think he would appreciate a felted messenger bag.

Any other ideas? Anyone else in this bind?

I am thinking of knitting him a cap, and making a couple pairs of flannel bed pants. His sisters are getting homemade overnight bags and matching makeup kits.
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yeah, jammie pants would be my first thought.
there is a homemade gifts for kids thread here that had a link to "devilsticks." They looked really cool for a teenage boy.
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I have a 13 year-old ds1. This year I'm making it super easy on myself. I'm ordering him a calender through Snapfish with pictures of his Bionicles that he's built on it, and a cocoa mug with a picture of his parakeets on it.

Getting a new calender every Jan. is a big thing to him, and he loves cocoa. I figured this way they're personalized gifts but something he'll *use*, kwim?

Teen boys are soooo hard to craft for.
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Originally Posted by operamommy View Post

Teen boys are soooo hard to craft for.
Yes, this.

ms. shell - I will look for devil sticks! Thanks!

- - -

Talked with my DH last night (they are his nieces and nephews), and we thought about scrapping my previous ideas and making them all their own personal quillows. They do a lot of travel from NY to the Cape, and for many sports trips - having a pillow and blanket in one may be helpful. Especially with 3 kids.
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I love the pillow idea!! My 13 yo ds loves the blanket his Aunt made for him last year, and the pj pants are a great idea too
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Does he have an iPod or other little electronic goodie like that? Maybe make a cozy for it?
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Here is the devil stick link; http://randomdude.com/blog/threads/2...n-devil-sticks
I just went and bought dowels and tape today to make these. Actually 5 pairs of them.

There is also discussion in the wondeful homemade toy swap that i think there is a link to circuit board wallets that are super cute!

My 13 yr. old nephew moved in with us this fall and I see he likes skulls alot.
I'd like to make him something wearable or cool.
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Ohhhhh, I get the devil sticks thing now! There's a video on that link for anyone else who didn't put it together like me. Those were so popular at the beach when I was younger.
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Those are really cool; I'd never heard of them! I might need to make my ds1 a pair - maybe dd too. Is there a guidebook somewhere that you can order that will help them learn how to use them?
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Wallets like the circuit board or duct tape variety are fun. And covers for media equipment (Ipod, phone, mp3 player) are generally useful and easy to make as well.

Scarves and hats, especially if they're in the colors of his favorite team would be neat, but I think the pillow/blanket idea is great!

It's not exactly "crafty" but if he travels a lot maybe a bag (that could unfold into a checker or backgammon board) with a flashlight, leatherman tool or swiss army knife type tool, deck of cards, booklet of different card games, a set of checkers, and snack food (home made jerkey or fruit leather, biscotti or travel cookies, granola) for a long trip.

And maybe a "cookie mix in a jar" type gift? So he can make a batch of cookies by just adding water?
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I had never heard of devil sticks, but I am going to make them for all three of my boys. What a fantastic idea, thanks for the link!! :
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