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Mine's in my sig. It is my first chart. I added the ovulation date because my rocky temps kept the software from determining it. Do you think I got it right? Any other thoughts (like on the dip and then the possible triphasic the last 2 days)?
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My chart is in my sig - last months' was better, but this one looks o.k.
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Short and Simple

Chart in Sig.
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Chart in sig.
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How do you attach a Fertility Friend chart here?

Can someone tell me how to post a Fertility Friend chart here? I'd love to be able to share my chart, especially when I have questions, but I have no idea how to do it.

Thanks for helping a computer illiterate lady out!
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My Chart

edited to fix it!!
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I hope this works:

My Chart
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Chart is in my sig.....
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mine's in my sig line

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I wanted to share my chart, I am new to this "Planning" a baby, we are ttc #4 while nursing
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Here's mine. This is my first cycle charting.

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Mine are in my sig, I think the ovusoft one is better though. I would love love love any comments
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Cool! I am glad to see this thread bumped back up. Mara, when I click on your Ovusoft chart, I get a page not found message. When I click on your Fertility Friend chart, I don't see anything but a ticker (no chart). Wierd?!

Jude's Mama, I can't tell much from your chart yet, but I'll keep watching. I love that you quoted Martha Graham on your chart. When I was a kid she was my favorite dancer/hero.

My chart is at: Sierra's Chart

Can you all open that? I'm taking a poll on that link about how good my chances are, just for fun...hope you vote ! As of Saturday, Oct. 9th, six more days until I can test .

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Trying to conceive

Ciao! I am not too sure how this all works (the thread that is) or whether this is the correct group to be writing to...I new to this website. My husband I are trying to conceive, have not had much luck over the last 2 months. Is 2 months of no-luck normal? How long should we keep trying before seeing a doctor? One more question: does frequent intercourse during the ovulation phase decrease the chances of conception (due to a lower sperm count)? Thanks,
Assu (Rome, Italy)
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Assu, Hi there! Congratulations on TTC (trying to concieve) Yes, it's very normal not to concieve in the first 2 months of trying.

Are you charting your tempratures? Are you using a Basal Body thermometer to take your temp, is it the same time every morning, before you get up, eat or drink? These things have been very helpful to me for charting ovulation.

As far as the frequent intercourse, for some couples it doesn't make a difference whether you have sex evernight or every othernight. Was is important is that you both don't feel burnt out about the amount of sex. If you are charting your ovulation then you will be more aware of the best timeing for sex and have a better chance. I say if your not pg after 6 months you may want to give your OB/GYN a call. Even perfectly healthy normal couples can take up to 2 years to concieve a baby. So, don't start worrying just yet

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Here's mine....I keep 3 charts on my homepage at a time...right now I'mon cd 2...so it's very boring...
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Ok ladies..here's my chart. I'm new at this...so if you see anything interesting...let me know.

Any ideas of getting a decent cervical fluid result?

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Yayy! Glad there are more charts on this thread finally! Mine is in my sig line. Not that it makes much sence.. my temps are up and down up and down.. I don't get it.. maybe you all will

Willow: Try drinking green tea at night
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Amberlyn - Ok. I can do that...What does the green tea do?

Tossing Baby Dust onto the computer...hopefully ya'll can get some...
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