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PCOSers Unite Fall 2008

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I was just going to post a question on our other thread, but discovered we had been archived! Guess we weren't active enough. Anyone still interested in discussing things?

Lately I've been finding myself pretty focused on my little nursling and 3 1/2 yo so any thoughts of PCOS have gone by the wayside. I have been wanting to give it a bit more conscious thought lately and have been considering getting a blood sugar meter. My mw actually suggested getting one after dd was born, but I never really got around to it. There have been some coupons and adds for cheap-ish ones lately so it's got me thinking about it again. Thoughts?
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Well, I was diagnosed with PCOS recently (a few months back) -- thank God my doctor is awesome (for the past 8 years we have been going to him). He actually believes in PCOS, listened to my symptoms and concerns and diagnosed based on history and symptoms -- I am grateful he is supportive of a wait and see approach. I have lost 20lbs in the last 3 months and have been on a low GI diet. We have a glucose monitor and my blood sugar is good -- fasting between 75-83.

However, we want to conceive another babe but my cycle has been MIA since Sept 9!

I originally went to my doctor due to a 30 day long period -- he felt it could be due to the PCOS or a lingering miscarriage (I didn't know I was pregnant if that was the case, it was extremely early if so) -- but I needed it to stop. I took the pill for 1 cycle just to stop the bleeding, went off -- with the herbs/diet I had two normal cycles where I believe I ovulated -- then... nothing....

I am on day 304893450395 of my cycle and I am beginning to worry a tad. I feel totally great -- but I want to ovulate and cycle half-way normally so we can conceive.

It has been like this forever though. I remember wasting so much money on pregnancy tests with my teenage boyfriend because of missing periods (even though we used protection lol).

I may begin progesterone cream to bring about a cycle but I am not exactly sure how to use it to promote a cycle (anyone know?)

Anyway, sorry for the rambling post...

ETA: walgreens has a glucose monitor with 100% rebate by mail for about $20. It is the same one my diabetic FIL uses so I think it works well.
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I'm in. I had my daughter last April after quite a few difficulties-we're a multifertility issues family (PCOS, hypothyroid, short luteal phase plus male factor stuff) and we're talking about trying again. I've had two periods since my daughter was born...one at about six months and the next one 43 days later, and I have no idea whether the weird postpartum cycles are normal or whether there's something PCOS related going on. We're getting ready to try some acupuncture soon and we'll go back for more Clomid late in winter/early in spring if we need to.
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Can I join? I only found out about my PCOS 2.5 years ago. My cycles were running 4 months long at that point but in the past they've been as much as 12 months. I have ALL the symptoms! Hypertension, high blood sugar, extra weight. I was so depressed when I found out about the pcos. I have refused treatment in leiu of a raw vegan diet which works wonderfully (as long as I stay on it which is hard). A couple months after starting the diet I got pg (we had TTC'd for 24 months) and I had a very healthy pg with no BP or blood sugar problems! Since she was born though I've had very little motivation to stay healthy. I feel angry sometimes because I have to be SUPER healthy just to stay off medications. I wonder what my health will be like in 20 years. It's scary.

I got Mirena 4 months ago but I am having it removed soon due to the side effects. I'm almost tempted to ask for metformin.

captain crunchy....what worked for me was wild yam capsules. It is natural progesterone. I took three pills at a time three times a day for a few days. AF showed quickly after that.

I've also had some success with red raspberry leaf tea, flax oil, b complex vitamins, vitex tincture and soy isoflavons for inducing ovulation.
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One of our goals when we cleaned out FYT was to keep to the FYT guidelines of only hosting threads not covered in existing areas of MDC. I'm going to move your tribe over to Health and Healing.
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Anyone else with PCOS?
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I didn't know there was a PCOS thread!! Yay!


dx 2003
more later
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Me too! I was diagnosed about 10 years ago when I was going to an OB who happened to also be a reproductive endocrinologist. I've never had normal periods - in fact I went on the pill at age 14 when I got my period for 2 months straight. I've never gotten any treatment (besides the pill, which more or less masks the effects, doesn't treat them if you ask me) for PCOS. Got pregnant after 2 years without drugs and getting periods roughly every 2 months. After DD was born I was unable to produce enough milk and learned about the relationship between PCOS and low milk supply from my LC. I asked my Dr to put me on Metformin in hopes that it would increase my supply, but he would not. Breastfeeding with supplementing lasted about 5 1/2 months before DD refused the breast and my period came back shortly afterward. And now, 2 weeks later, it's back AGAIN! Yargh.
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dollyanna, that sounds so frustrating. I'm hoping to try metformin soon. I'm going to call a dr that a pcos friend rec'd me and hopefully she takes my insurance. I need to have my cholesterol and insulin resistance checked.
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I had no idea about low supply and PCOS!! I wish I would have known that (along with the thyroid/supply connection) when I had my daughter and I was guilting myself every minute because I couldn't feed her with my own milk
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I saw a new dr today who was awesome! He gave me metformin to try for two months.
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I was diagnosed with PCOS today. The Dr. prescribed metformin and recommended taking saw palmetto daily, and using progesterone cream to regulate my cycles. I have a follow up appt in a month.

I'm also going to work on improving my diet and being more active. My body seems to respond best to a low carb diet (which makes me because I love me some carbs! ) I was doing really well a few months ago but have fallen off the exercising bandwagon recently.

I'm reading through the archived PCOS thread now - lots of info there! How is everyone doing? MoonStarFalling, has the metformin helped you so far?
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I got one great side effect from Met; my asthma went away. Other than that it did nothing. I'm not taking it right now. I'm trying to decide if I should go on it again.

I'm doing wild yam, vitex and dong quai right now trying to regulate my cycle.
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