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Any ALIAS fans out here?

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I am a self-described TV-aholic. Fortunately, the birth of dd has helped me become unaddicted to television for all the right reasons -- why watch mindless crap when there is a beautiful little creature in front of you to stare at for hours and hours? But, I have to watch ALIAS every week! I can't stay away from Sydney Bristow, hottie Vaughn and that evil Sloane. I must know what latest adventures Sydney embarks on in her quest to take down SD-6.

Is anyone else crazed by this new show?
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OK! I admit it!!

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Glad I'm not the only one, Pumpkinseed!
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Dh and I love the show! I too have cut down on my tv watching since giving birth to my son 7 months ago. We even have "tv free" nights now but never miss Alias!

I think the show is setting it up to telling us that Sloane is really Sydney's father! Anyone else think this?
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so clever!! I had never thought about that Texas Suz!
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Wow! That would be a storyline, wouldn't it?

I read on E!Online that Sloane being Sydney's father could be one of the possible season finale outcomes along with Sydney discovering her mother. They alluded to the fact that Sloane was Syd's father last week in the conversation between Jack and Sloane.

ALIAS rocks!
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I'd admit that I am so hooked!!! I again with the Sloane thing but maybe they're just trying to make us think that Sloane is her father - but he's not. Who knows.

My dh and I are waiting to see the cliffhanger for the end of the season. It's sure to be a big one since every episode is a cliffhanger.
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I've been picking up on that Sloane as Sydney's father vibe too, but I keep thinking that she looks a lot more like her "real" father. OK, I know they are all actors, but she resembles Bristow more than Sloane. Shouldn't that count for something? LOL
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Yes, I think that counts for something! They are probably just teasing us with the Sloane-father thing!

Watching this show makes me want to work out so that I can kick some butt like Sydney.

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so what did you guys think of the season finale?
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Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

Don't read if you haven't watched it yet.

WAAAAHHHHH!!!! Leaving us out to dry like that. I thought it was bad enough when Will got shot, but then to leave poor Vaughn "drowning?" Not that I could believe there was really enough water there to so completely fill up that huge room and all the corridors. I'm sure he'll find an air pocket or someone will get him out of there and torture him. The torture I could do without. I really don't need to see anyone else's teeth get pulled out--sheesh! I did think it was funny as heck when Will shoved the hypodermic into his neck and was yelling "One in five, one in five!" like some maniac. And it was touching when Will and Jack hugged. I loved the wisecrack that Jack made about Tippin's stuff being not half bad as to why he was risking all of this to rescue the guy.

I love the James Bondesque quality of the show. Normally the SD6 technology geek (I forget his name, but I love his character) comes up with all this way out there technology, but then when he's not involved, Jack just coolly pulls out a special shirt that will get Sloane's fingerprints and so on. I love the way it always works out and the way she kicks butt.

So Sloane is going to poison Emily, but does she know? Did they turn him down on her joining the group? I kind of missed that angle. Then there is the whole Dixon thing--I thought it was kind of funny when he was fighting Sydney a couple episodes back because he is usually doesn't do much fighting but he gave her a run for her money. I wish they'd bring him in on all of it, but there are already too many double agents as it is.

So will Vaughn survive? What will Dixon do? Will Emily die? What will Sydney's mother do with her? Will the newspaper publish Will's article and what ramifications will that have. All these threads left hanging. Just what a season finale should be!
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I'm so glad I am not the only one out there that cannot wait to see what happens!

I wondered if Sloane put the poison in his *own* glass and is committing suicide now that he seems to have no control of the situation. That would be an interesting twist, wouldn't it? And in my wildest dreams it is Emily never left working for the government either. Consipiracy theories abound.

Poor Vaughn! You are right, though, Amywillo, they will probably torture him first! (Ugh, on the teeth-pulling, too!)

This show rocks on so many levels.

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