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does anyone else suddenly feel like a recluse and hate everyone? - Page 2

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i've started actively rubbing my belly and asking the baby to come out while talking to my boss when i get aggravated. i'm still working full time, which is a good thing b/c we need $ and nobody has been hired to cover my maternity leave. but hey, i have two weeks before i'm due, so that's plenty of time to find someone, get them hired and in and trained. right.
my coworkers have offered to set up a nursery in the area beside me if i'll come back sooner than 3 months. it's really only fair as i've taken to calling them over to b**chy-proof my e-mails before i click send.
i just want the baby in my arms and to hide from the world for a while.
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Um, yes, this is me! I pretty much don't want to be around anyone except for my kids and my DH and maybe my mom. I skipped two classes my kids had this week because I just didn't want to see anyone there! : And tomorrow I think I might not even take DS to preschool, just go to my mom's and kinda hide out.
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We have a church halloween party tonight and I SOO don't want to go.. I love the people I go to church with, they are really great, but I don't want to deal with people. If it wasn't for the fact that I promised to bring cupcakes I probably wouldn't even go
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aaa, YUP! Im there. Totally miserable and snippy. THANK GOODNESS my doc pulled me out of work, or my coworkers would be BEGGING me to leave anyway. I feel bad for my DS#1 though. He ends up watching alot of baby TV. But its only been the past week and a half, so its not like hes alreayd becoming a complete vegetable. But I am 90%, 1 cm, -1, and DH and I DTD this morning to try to get things rolling. Cuz I am one miserable BIOTCH!!!
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I have had my baby and I am still pretty much in this mode. I am doing my best to avoid everybody. I keep having to leave the house, to take kids to the doctor, or drop a kid or two off at class, or run an errand for my husband like depositing his pay check. I just want to sleep and take care of the baby. I know I am cranky and I have tried really hard not to take it out on DH and the other kids, but for me it seems that they seem to think that since I have had the baby everything should be back to normal and mom should be doing all the stuff around the house, and the cooking and such. It hasn't even been two weeks yet, and I am still healing from the tubal, and I really wish someone would just understand that I could use a little help. None of our friends have so much as offered to help watch the other kids, even for an hour, or do anything at all to help. I am actually feeling really hurt about that. anyway, glad I am not the only one feeling moody.
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Gypsy, if I lived closer I would offer to help for a bit.. I know how hard it can be when everyone expects things to be back to normal. When I had DD I came home from the hospital and DH asked me what was for dinner. He honestly thought that I was going to go clean up the kitchen and cook him dinner. I didn't even have any other children to worry about and I still had a hard time. Is there anyone you could ask for help? A friend or relative?

The party went ok last night but Im SOOOO tired of the "how much longer" "are you ready" comments. I honestly wanted to put a sign on me that said "if you want to ask me a question it better be about something other than my due date". I got soo irritated that I just started shooting people evil looks. Someone actually wanted to know if I was dialating or dropping, like that is any of their business. I didn't even know the person. Can I just lock myself in the house until the baby comes? That way I dont' have to deal with anyone
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I am so DONE being pregnant...I don't want to go anywhere. I skipped my MW appointment this morning because I seriously thought labor might begin any minute. Nope.

And now I'm all paranoid because I had so much cervical pain this morning with no results and I worry that he hasn't been moving as much today and I won't see my MW until tomorrow. I'm being silly, right?

to you, gypsy and OkiMom! All new moms need rest and extra care, whether it's their first baby or their twenty-first. And yeah, if one more person asks me if I'm ready to have the baby yet, or jokes about how I must really LOVE being pregnant to have gone this long (not even 40 weeks!) I might just snap.

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Yeah, I woke up a raving grouch for no reason. I want to yell at DH and DD and lock myself in a cold, dark bedroom and just lay in bed and read and not talk to anyone and not have to do anything or bend over or worry about dishes or trash or what anybody else needs or wants. I don't want to talk to acquaintances or field any of the ridiculous questions/comments about late pregnancy.

I have to say... I think a 2 year old and a pregnant person are possibly the least compatible people EVAR. She is driving me up the wall, and she's not even doing anything bad or unusual! But what I need least now is being bothered, unhelpfully helped, called, asked the same question 5 times, fought, wrestled, playfully run from, questioned, or being told "no", and these behaviors are the basis for 2-year-old learning and exploration.

It's days like this I miss tribes and villages, when some kindly aunt or grandmother would immediately understand and step in. But, no, my mom's at work and my husband is either at work or cracked out on Fallout 3, and I don't get to lay down or sleep again for 10 hours.

NOT FAIR. SO DONE WITH PREGNANCY. And I supposedly have 5 weeks left.
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i started this thread just hating the outside world but now the inside world is included too. had a huge argument with DH this am because he said the oatmeal i made tasted "pasty" and he could understand why DSS age 6 was crying that he had to eat it. i mean come on, crying over food??? why in my day...

i am so over having to parent patiently and calmly when my kids are neither patient nor calm ever, why must i be? and why must i even make breakfast, or lunch, or dinner or do anything for that matter? its as if until the baby is crowning i am expected to just go on, life as usual and do my share when even breathing seems difficult.:
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