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For those of you how are going to be CDing...do you pack cloth diapers for the hospital or just use the sposies they provide until you get home?

All of my others were born in a hospital and we did not CD. This will be our first homebirth (hopefully!) and we are CDing. So the thought crossed my mind about the diapers, if I were to be transferred.
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We are totally going to be using what the hospital provides until we leave. Why waste the money (since we would have to somehow wash the CD) when everything will be there already?

And I am thinking about this now, because I can't plan for anything else. I am such a planner and its driving me CRAZY not being able to plan for anything else that will happen! I gotta plan something!
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I can't decide if it is time to start getting ready or not. I like to plan and be prepared, though. What worked well for me with the hospital bag for dd's birth was to put things on the desk in our room as I thought of things I'd need. I started buying extras of toiletries so that I could have one at home being used and one ready to go in the bag. Then as I picked up the going-home outfits, I'd put that on the desk, things I wanted to wear, magazines (which we didn't even open so that won't be on the list this time.) I had everything there ready to go, and when my water broke, I just put the things in the suitcase. I did not bring lanolin or a boppy and had to send my sister home for those things. I think I had her bring me another pair of pajamas, too, since I stayed longer due to cesearean delivery.

I think I'll start assembling things soon.

On the diapers, we won't start with cloth until after we're home and are past the meconion-passing stage, so no diapers to the hospital.
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Okay makes sense.

Why do you wait until the meconium stage has passed?
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Originally Posted by Kimmiepie View Post

Why do you wait until the meconium stage has passed?
It's just an arbitrary amount of time I figure will give me a few days of recovery time before starting cloth. There are rumors (false) that meconium stains, but it doesn't, from what I understand. I think by the time the meconium has passed, I'll be a little bit more ready to dive in to laundry. :-)
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Originally Posted by theboodges View Post
If you are going into a tub, you may want a sports bra or bathing suit top.

I just used washcloths to cover up and keep my nipples warm and stimulated.

I've done the sibling gifts too, but because this is right after Christmas, my motivation is a bit gone. I think I will just pack a bag of their toys up now to bring for them to play with.

You might also consider bringing a little note book to record times and such during labor and some of your thoughts and feelings in the day or so after delivery when you are up there.

I'm planning on wearing all of their gowns. I'm a bleeder and I don't want to mess up my own clothes. I am bringing my own pads to wear home because I like mine better, but I like to use theirs when the flow is at the heaviest.

Dh will bring the laptop so I'll have access to all of my friends' and families' email addresses so we can send a quick note out to everyone. I'll have the phone numbers of those we need to call.

And I second a clean shirt for dad. He might be up laboring all night with you and can't get into the shower right away. I know my Dh says he just feels more awake and better if he can put a clean shirt on.

I'm hoping for a New Year's baby so I'm wanting to bring some champagne! Dh just got back from Ireland and seeing his pics of the pubs and Guinness makes me ready to have some bubbly.
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Originally Posted by homeschoolingmama View Post
lalalalalala IT IS NOT TIME TO THINK ABOUT THIS YET!! Come on, say it with me! IT IS NOT TIME TO THINK ABOUT THIS YET!! haha
Wow, I'm really not prepared.
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**bump** for KelliHope
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We're still at the hospital and will be until baby is born...my water broke at 29 weeks 6 days and I will be here until baby is born. This means I will be in the hospital up to 5 weeks, and baby will be in the hospital between 2-8...so we've more or less moved in.

We've added to our stash of stuff at the hospital. Here's a few of the recent additions:

Laptop with web cam to watch kids at home
Digital camera - my husband has programmed a "labor mode" to optimize the light in the birthing suites
Snacks: popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, crackers, chocolate, animal crackers for the kids, yogurt, popcicles
My own prenatal vitamins, along with probiotics and fish oil
Blowdryer and makeup
Espresso machine and milk steamer - nothing like a good latte in the morning!
Swimsuit for my husband during labor
Our own pillows
Catalogs for Christmas shopping
Oatmeal topping: brown sugar, walnuts and dried cherries
My own salad dressing (the hospital only serves ranch)

You probably don't need all of these things for labor!
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Originally Posted by Hallielynn01 View Post
Even those of us planning homebirths, should probably have a little something packed and ready, in case of transfer. The birth center birth i had with DD recommended it as well, since the stuff I would need for a hospital stay would be very different than the short birth center stay. While I too hope to never have to pull out that bag, in case of emergency transfer, I don't want to have to worry about getting stuff together!
Very good idea! I'm going to do that this time. I did end up going to the hospital the first two times. I can't tell you how difficult it was to get DH to get the right thing to take with us. And it wasn't that much stuff. You know, he just can't grab the right socks, sweatpants, etc. And apparently it was very time consuming, although it didn't seem like it to me.

This time I'll pack slipper socks (because real shoes and socks tend not to fit on the way home), underwear (2), nursing sleep bra and pads, pajamas (look good enough to wear during day even if family visits), sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, travel toiletries, hairdryer, baby outfit, baby snowsuit. I'll have make-up in my purse and of course I won't forget my coat. Oh yeah, and camera and video camera to get the boys' first reaction to the new baby.
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Socks with grippies on the bottom.
Yoga (maternity) black pants a couple comfy tops
Clean shirt for DH
Food and drink for labor - for ME, regardless of hospital policy
nursing bra
Going home outfit for baby - same that DD1 wore
HEADPHONES to plug into the TV if you're not in a private room. Trust me, your roommate will appreciate it! (Grrrr...)

Y'all are going to think I'm looney, but I'm taking my own sheets for after labor. with DD, any body part that touched the hospital sheets broke out in the awful rash (Sensitive skin+hormones) and I'm not going through that again even though it's a different hospital this time. Maybe it's just a hormonal hing for me, maybe it won't happen this time at all, but ick. I'm not taking chances!
My own pillow in a colored/patterned pillowcase so it doesn't get lumped in with hospital pillows.

Once baby is born, all I wanted to do was eat, sleep, hold the baby and shower. Nursing and caring for the baby took up much of my time, I didn't care one whit about magazines, movies, etc. And my labor with her was so fast I didn't have time to get bored! Plus, I plan to labor at home as long as possible, so hopefully the sitting around waiting for it to get serious stuff will happen at home, not in the hospital.

And, yeah, none of this is put together! It's FAR TOO EARLY to be talking about this!

Oh, and let me just say - the first meal after birth is AMAZING. I had bland hospital food and practically asked for more it tasted so good. Hormones! So take yummies!
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How convenient, this thread has been here all along?!

I am just now getting around to this, sad huh?
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