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what are your all time favourite kids books? - Page 2

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Stellaluna - *** all time fav so far, as age 2 thru 4 ***
Lots of Suess
Lots of Little Critter
Some Berenstein Bears
Some Clifford
Armadilly Chili
Clara the Caterpillar
Curious George
Very Hungry Caterpillar
Brown Bear, Brown Bear

We also have lots of reading railroad and step into reading books. He loves the ones about animals - think Gorillas, Dolphins, Dinosaurs, Snakes, etc.

There are lots of others he likes - but those Janell Cannon ones are WAY up there on the fav list...
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I forgot there's a book called Twilight that is beautiful. DD and I both love it. I forgot who it's by and she's sleeping in that room right now...
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What? cried Granny

The Gruffalo

Love you Forever - Robert Munsch

Lost and Found (abt a penguin who gets lost and a little boy finds him)
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I recently found a copy of my favorite childhood book and it is now one of DD's most requested...it's just came back into print:

Miss Twiggleys Tree by Dorathea Warren Fox.
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ok i think i've reached my max! lol there are so many good books out there, i could go on forever...

thanks for all the help you guys... i have 13 books in cart already from my previous list plus a couple add-on's since.. and i have about 6 more pending in my wish list from the help in this thread!

miss twiggleys looks great!

thanks again!
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I know you said you are done, but I just have to add
"Something from Nothing"
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i saw something from nothing, it looks sooooo sweet. is it a yiddish tale?
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PP, yes it is a Yiddish tale.

Our favorites: Seven Silly Eaters, Reckless Ruby, Super Duper Jezebel, Tiki Tiki Tembo.

Sadly, dd is 7.5 now and I can't justify buying more picture books (or board books) since we already have hundreds, and they are expensive here. (We do get them from the library though).
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Bunny My Honey

Jan Brett books, one we have is called "The Mitten". They are based on Ukrainian folk tales, she is also an amazing artist.

We also have "Something from Nothing".
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Oh yes, we love Jan Brett books! Esp. "Gingerbread Baby" (happy ending to the classic "gingerbread man" story (I'm opening another window now to put it's sequel on hold at the library)

A new favorite of ours is "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More" by Karen Beaumont, an absolutely exuberant book about painting on the walls, and oneself.

We also love a series of books by Susanna Gretz about a 5 bears that live together. They're out of print, but your library may have some of them, including "Teddy Bears Stay Indoors: "Teddy Bears Moving Day" They're not as cutesy as as the "teddy bear" would imply.

Oh, we also just discovered "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" and it's sequels by Mo Willems which is silly fun.

Thanks for the thread! I'm always needing new ideas for the library. I am a seriously heavy library user. And financial supporter considering the overdue fines I pay
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Originally Posted by mamamelia View Post
how about "i took the moon for a walk"

"the boy who grew flowers"

the gigantic turnip looks good too.
Yes! Ds loves the Boy Who Grew Flowers! I lost our copy so now is a good time for me to order another one! Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, and the book I Took the Moon for a Walk is now available in a larger lap sized book. I love it because you can see the illustrations better.
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I that we have read most of the books on everyone's list.

I would love to start some of the chapter books ...

Some of our faves:

Little Bunny Follows His Nose - This is an all time fave. This was my favorite book as a kid, it's a scratch and sniff about a little bunny who's Mom sends him out to play with instructions to "Just follow your nose" and it's so much fun!!

Very Hungry Catapillar

All the "bear" books .. Bear Feels Sick, etc

Pumpkin Town

The Fierce, Yellow Pumpkin

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (ds loves this one, his name is Alex)

Right now he's loving "The Magic School Bus" chapter books.
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Our favorites here are:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Kissing Hand
Fox In Socks
What Santa Can't Do
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: : Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel was a hit here, too. We love Curious George and Dr. Suess.

We also like
*the Will books by Olof & Lena Landstrom (sp?); I've looked for them on Amazon, though, and they're difficult to find.
*several of Jan Brett's books, especially Gingerbread Baby, The Three Snow Bears, and The Umbrella.
*Laura Numeroff's books, especially If You Give A Pig A Pancake and Two For Stew.
*My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis. This lead us to several of his other books, which we've also liked (such as The Runaway Pumpkin).
*Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? and several others by Nancy White Carlstrom.
*the Charlie & Lola books by Lauren Child.

For chapter books, we like Paddington and Winnie the Pooh.
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The Big Big Sea by Martin Waddell

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Birdsong Lullaby by Diane Stanley

For school age kids I love the Ruth Chew books.
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Lately I really went crazy buying books for my ds, so here is my list (including some classics I loved as a child)
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Originally Posted by mamamelia View Post
these are soooooo cool, i want to get some!! which series are your fav? obviously the summertime one since you linked to it, but are there any others you like in particular?

off to see more..
The favorite My First Little House books around here are; Summertime, Winter Days, Going to Town, Going West, A Little Prarie House and Prarie Day. Dd's weren't really into Sugar Snow and I have not read Deer in the Woods with them because I know it would be too scary yet. They were not interested in the Almonzo ones at all.

As for the Little House Chapter books, Lauras Ma, Lauras Pa, Pioneer Sisters and Laura and Nelly are the favorites right now. If you are thinking about buying these, now would be the time because I'm pretty sure they are going out of print.

There is also a Rose (Lauras Daughter) chapter book series that we have read the first book of and dd's really like.
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I'm ordering our favorites soon too.

Here's my list:

The Napping House / Audrey Wood
Wild Girl / Christopher Wormell
Grumpy Bird / Jeremy Tankard.
Don't forget to come back! / Robie H. Harris
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs / by Byron Barton.
Chloe's birthday-- and me / by Giselle Potter.
Big bug surprise / Julia Gran.
Mama mine, mama mine / Rita Gray
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I second the Virginia Lee Burton books Katy and the Big Snow, The Little House, Mike Mulligan.

Blueberries for Sal
The Seven Silly Eaters
Caps for Sale
The Empty Pot
The Mitten
Horton Hears a Hoo

For 6 and up- anything by Patricia Polacco
Mirette on the High Wire
A New Coat for Anna
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I think I forgot one. It's a new hardcover called Doggone Dogs. Oh my goodness, it's so funny and cute.
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