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Ds has a new favorite:
Tacky the Penguin (and the other Tacky books)
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At our house, we love:

The Day the Babies Crawled Away
The Incredible Book-eating Boy
Horton Hears a Who
If I Ran the Zoo (any Dr. Suess, really)
Shel Silverstein poems
Make Way for Ducklings
Cricket in Times Square
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We also check lots of books out of the library, and if a book is a huge hit we sometimes end up buying a copy to keep permanently at home.

Some recent favorites:

- The Library Lion (highly recommended - a huge hit here!)
- The Tomten
- anything by Leo Leonni (especially Swimmy, and Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse)
- Who Loves the Fall?
- books by Jim Arnosky (especially Every Autumn Comes the Bear)
- Anansi books by Eric Kimmel
- The Goodnight Train
- THe Teeny Tiny Woman by Paul Galdone
- There's a Billy Goat in the Garden
- The Very Noisy Night
- Where the Sidewalk Ends
- Yertle the Turtle
- Grandma' Records
- Country Crossing
- Caps for Sale
- White Rabbit's Color Book
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almost all books arrived today, just waiting on 6 more.... only read a few today and i think they are fantastic:
wombat goes walkabout - beautiful story about a wombat who only has one skill while all the other animals in the bush show off thier more fancy skills. his skill comes in handy one day when he ends up saving all the bush animals from a bushfire.
the napping house - very fun and cute story!! nice chirpy songs with the CD too.
weaving the rainbow - beautiful, goes through the different seasons and a nice read overall.
the anne geddes colours and 123 board books are also gorgeous - my kids looooove looking at babies, so this was a real hit!

i love stories!!!!! : and was sooo thrilled to see my two dd's sitting there enthralled in pages and pages of different books. i've never seen them this quiet and content without electronic media being involved before. WELL worth the money spent!

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Silly Sally was a big hit here with both a 6 and 9 year old.

Little House on the Prairie

Phantom of the Tollbooth
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Originally Posted by newclementine View Post
mike mulligan and the steam shovel

This is an old favorite of our family's. My parents always used to read this to me and my brother, and my mom still has the original (well-worn!) hard-cover book that we had as kids, from the early 60's. How much fun that there are still so many great books I remember reading as a child, still around today!?

We also love anything by Sandra Boynton, anything by Jan Brett (she's an amazing illustrator! My 14-year-old is quite an artist, and I've gotten her a lot of nice hard-cover editions of Brett's works), the "Dragon" series by Dav Pilkey (very sweet, and beautiful pictures).

A couple of books I got on impulse, that have gone on to become favorites with us:

Those Can-Do Pigs - David MacPhail
The Story of May - Mordecai Gerstein
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just had to come back and add that the little house books are FANTASTIC! i will be getting 3 more of them. captivating pictures, simple text... very cute and nice introduction to laura ingalls.

we also got mary engelbreits christmas from A to Z...... omg hands down, that is the cutest christmas book i've ever seen... and it even has a part where it says "because homemade presents are the best" that book is never leaving us! i recommend this book to anyone looking for a cute general christmas themed book for children.

scott gustafons version of mother goose nursery rhymes is beautiful and probably the best mother goose book i've ever seen. the pictures are so freindly and warm even for the scarier poems.

has anyone read or have "in every moon there is a face?"
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Here just a few of my favorites in no particular order:

Blueberries for Sal
One Morning in Maine
Trumpet of the Swan
The Biggest Bed in the World
A Squash and a Squeeze
Watership Down
Barnyard Dance
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Olivia books
Biscuit series
Eric Carle books
Pigeon wants... series
usborne books, fairy series. princess series, etc
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the biggest bed in the world looks adorable but it is out of print.

any other family bed books that are funny?
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added "one morning in maine"...

"room on a broom".. and

"this is the stable"..

ok that's it for this year i believe. since i was going to get a few more little house ones i allowed myself to add on another 3 random ones - i'm paying the shipping cost anyway.
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My daughter quite likes the Catherine and Laurence Anholt books, as do I.
Some of the titles: Sophie and the New Baby
Harry's Home (I love that one)
Billy and the Big New School
Good Days Bad Days (easy to read and lots to look at!)
Also like the Ahlberg's book The Jolly Postman (and offshoots)...very british, very old fashioned, but funny.
She loved Maisy books from about 18 months and still loves them, although she's a bit old for them now, being over 4.
Dr Seuss is a must...
I'm looking for some good books for Christmas, but nothing seems just right....
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what sort of christmas stories are you looking for?

i just bought a whole heap not so long ago.
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Oooops, I didn't mean Christmas themed, although I like those, but books to get as gifts...I just don't know what new stuff is good. I'll have to go to the shop and look through them all. If you found a really good Christmas one, I'd be happy to know the title anyhow!
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i love kids books and i'm very picky..

christmas themed:
-a wish to be a christmas tree
-why christmas trees aren't perfect
-the light of christmas
-mary engelbreit's christmas from A to Z
-mary engelbreits version of "the night before christmas" - very whimiscal images

in general (depends on your dd's age - mine are 4 and 2):
-weaving the rainbow
-little yellow pear tomatoes
-it's time to sleep, you crazy sheep (there are so many books about sheep and i find a lot of them annoying.. but this one has me cracking up.. a little girl wants to count her sheep so she can go to sleep, but the sheep have other plans about what they want to do)
-there's a sea in my bedroom - beautiful book about a young child's fear of water, we got it because our dd was afraid of water for a while
-daddy promises (although this one has some stuff about god and jesus, so skip if you're not into that)
-the national trust book of fairy tales (i like this fairy tale book the best because the tales are tied to actual places in the world rather than just being random tales - also the endings seem a lot nicer/complete)
-scott gustafon's mother goose nursery rhymes is the nicest general mother goose book i've seen - the images are very sweet even when the original poetry is not.
-wombat goes walkabout

the book "apple cake" looks good but i haven't had a chance to read it... maybe tonight! also "room on a broom" - looks a little suess-ish but with a lot less jibberish if you know what i mean. but it is only in my cart at present.

i have a lot more lurking in our cupboard... i just can't think of them. oh, the little house series too..

My daughter quite likes the Catherine and Laurence Anholt books, as do I
i just checked a couple out just now... the magical garden of claude monet is my girls' type of book. laurence anholt looks like a great kids writer.... argh, i should of checked out of cart and completed the order before checking his books out. LOL.
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The Miracle of the first Poinsettia

I Took the Moon for a Walk

The Boy Who Grew Flowers

The Gigantic Turnip

(can't remember if I listed any of those already but they are currently ds's favorites)
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If you've got a kid interested in construction or trucks you MUST get

EASY STREET!!! It's our favorite. Everyone loves it. I first read about it in Mothering mag and it's just the best. Love it.
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*Don't forget to check out half.com more books less money!!** I always get my books from them.

Jan Brett a huge favorite. I love the 3 bears story with the polar bears and the Eskimo girl. Totally awesome!! I could look at those pictures forever

Stelluna was huge hit for a very long time!!

Make way for Ducklings

A cricket in times square
The mouse and the motorcycle

Cordory (The original)

Mr.Men books
Ramona the pest

If you are near your local library take out as many picture books as you can and see which ones are hits.

If my kids ask to renew a book over and over it ends up being a Christmas present.

This year DD is getting a book called, "Saving Samantha" b/c we must have taken it out of the library 35 times
and Ds is getting Drive b/c he hates to return it
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