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Son has dual US-Mexican Citizenship

I think this issue gets muddied because the US does not recognize the citizenship of other countries and will always consider you a US citizen. However, this does not preclude a person from obtaining another citizenship. In the past, renouncing citizenship from other countries was required. However, the US has allowed dual citizenship for some time.

Mexican consulates have procedures in place for people who were required to renounce their citizenship in the past and would like to reclaim their Mexican citizenship now that US laws have changed. Check with your local consulate for details.

My son has dual citizenship from Mexico and US citizenship by birth. My ex husband and I registered him at the Mexican consulate in San Diego. He was issued a Mexican birth certificate and can obtain a Mexican passport. Technically when he travels to Mexico, he should ALWAYS present his Mexican documents, and when he returns to the US, he must present his US documents.

I will note the process we followed below. However, Mexican consulates are notorious in requiring different documents/procedures. You should check with your local consulate on the procedure there.

In San Diego, the following was required:
--proof of Mexican citizenship of parent(s). 2 forms of ID were required. We presented a passport and Mexican birth certificate.
--US birth certificate (original)
--two Mexican witnesses which needed to present Mexican proof of identity (Credencial electoral or Passport).
--pay a fee

Appear at the consulate and fill out paperwork. Present all ORIGINAL documents to the consulate for verification purposes. You must include the witnesses proof of identity documents at that time. The Registro Civil (Civil Registry) at the consulate provided us with an appointment for the next day.

Appear the next day with your witnesses. Parents and Witnesses sign documents and they are certified by the Registro Civil. Proof of identity documents were returned and that was it!

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The US discourages dual citizenship, but allows it.

Dual citizenship requires knowing certain things. You or your child may be forced into obligations by the second country of citizenship that do not exist in the US. For example, required military service upon a certain age. Your citizenship in the US has nothing to do with these other obligations to your other country and does not absolve your you or your child of them. The US would say, too bad so sad that Israel or Germany or Greece was forcing your now 18 year old to military or civil service. Some parents have even decided against dual citizenship for that reason alone.

India, for example, does not allow dual citizenship. You would lose your Indian citizenship if you took up US citizenship. I do not believe it passes through birth either if you are born in another country like the US that automatically gives US citizenship upon birth. You are eligible for a special status, PIO, but it is not the same as Indian citizenship.
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DH has been a dual citizen for 30 years, in fact we are discussing him getting citizenship in a 3rd country ( Mexico) that he eligible for so we can move there. Now if I could just get him to finally get the documents needed from his mom.
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