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They're Identical!

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Well, first of all I have to thank all of you amazing mamas for educating me on the whole zygocity thing!! Thanks too, MamaRabbit and 2+twins for the info on genetic testing. My DH and I had absolutely no clue that our boys could be anything other than fraternal. That's what the doctors always told us and they were in two sacks with two placentas. I posted these pictures earlier and all of you thought they were identical, so we decided to have them tested. We got the results today!! Here are the pics I posted:


So, now I need to research MZ twins. I think our boys look quite different. They have the same features but their face shape is so different. Also, their height and weight is quite a bit different. Is it just environment that determines these differences? I also noticed their hair whorls are on opposite sides of their heads. One goes clockwise and one counterclockwise. Is this a symptom of mirroring since they are MZ? What about handedness?

So I would love to hear all about your MZ twins! What are their personalities like, what areas are they similar or different?

Thanks mamas!!
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Cool beans on discovering that your boys are MZ!

This article is a great summary of how identical twins are not truly identical, both in genotype and phenotype. The term 'monozygotic' is much more accurate than 'identical'.

(If you want to find a bunch of articles about this topic, I found many by googling 'identical twins, DNA, not identical')
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How cool! I think it's great that you found out

My boys are noticeably different weights but pretty close in height (about 1/4 inch apart last checked). One just likes to nurse a lot more than the other They do look exactly alike aside from the weight. Their personalities are definitely different when I compare them to each other, but they are very similar when compared to other babies, if that makes sense.

The hair whorls is definitely a mirror sign. I'm interested in this because it seems that mirroring is more common in monochorionic twins, I guess because of later splitting.
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Congrats! We recently tested, too, and confirmed that ours are MZ, also. I'm afraid I think your boys look identical to me!
Mine have somewhat different personalities--Eli is a bit more outgoing and talkative, but has a fierce temper. Sam is a sweetheart and more moderate in his emotions. As for appearance, Eli is a bit taller and has a more square head and face, whereas Sam's is rounder. Eli has a more prominent vein next to his left eye that Sam does not and that's what we ususally tell people is a quick guide to determine who's who.
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Originally Posted by cjcolorado View Post
I'm afraid I think your boys look identical to me!
Me too. They are adorable. The peri at my last u/s told me that since we found out both babies are boys they could be ID. I told him I didn't think so because they both have their own sacks/placentas and we did a 5-day IVF transfer (2 blasts).

He said, well anything that splits before 3 days and then said, "Oh wait, you said 5-day transfer". Yep fraternal! I was feeling stupid for questioning him until he said, "Oh wait ...".
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My MZ girls are very identical if you compare them to other babies, but very different if you compare them to each other (if that makes sense).

What always cracks me up is when they hit milestones together - like, within 24 hours of each other. This week, they started crawling - within 24 hours of each other. Wow. They got their first teeth within 24 hours of each other. Nutty stuff like that.

One's a bit more solemn, her sister's more of a flirt. Their vocalizations are fairly different. They seem very much themselves to me, but it took me until about 5 or 6 months till I could tell them apart consistantly without looking at their "tells". Now I can, just because they look like themselves (again, if that makes any sense).

Though, my husband and I both agree, they have what we call "identical days". Some days they just wake up looking particularly MZ! And some days they look very different!

My girls have the opposite hair whorls too.
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This is all facinating to me! I crack up at you MZ mamas who swear your twins aren't. Let me tell you from where I sit, they for SURE look MZ! Of course, according to the General Public MINE look identical!
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I'm glad you got them tested but they look SO identical to me! My kids looked too and they agree (and they're better at seeing differences in people than me!).
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Congrats on finding out about your twins being identical! They certainly look it.
I don't have twins but I do have older identical twin brothers. Ever since I can remember I could always easily tell them apart. They are 10 years older than me so I never "knew" them when they were babies or little kids, but I can pick up any baby/toddler pic of them and always tell them apart, instantly, even when my mother can't!
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Wow! How cool is that???? I think my girls look pretty different, but sometimes I wonder. My girls are also a pound different, and slightly different lengths. It has crossed our minds, but we often say "no, they're fraternal". I can't imagine how cool that must have been to find out!
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Yep I was also told they were definitely DZ and after weeks of confusing them we did the test and they were MZ. We now can tell them apart very well (usually!) and they have days where they are nothing alike and then suddenly do something very MZ. So funny!

mamameliz do you know about yours? Mine have only slight height/weight differences as well. Faces are shaped a little differently too.
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soo cool, wow, MZ.. awesome hon..
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I always think it's funny how MZ mamas think their own kids look so different, but then we look at other MZ twins and can't tell who is who. I have MZ girls and my friend has MZ girls, and we laugh at ourselves every time we get together because we have to ask who is who when we walk in the door, even though we both think everyone should be able to tell them apart!

Your boys look so identical to me, which is what got me thinking about this. I'm glad you know for sure now - somehow it just made me feel more settled when I could answer that question, ya know? Because it is asked at least 3x every time we leave the house for more than 10 minutes.

To your questions, mine have always been about the same size. In the NICU, sometimes they were the same down to 5 grams (the closest measure they did). The most they have ever diverged is 6 ounces way back when Kate was still on O2 and lagging a touch behind Lilly, and 1/4 inch at the occasional peds visit. They don't have opposite hair whorls and both appear to be right-handed. They are definitely individual personalities, but I notice a lot of things seem to fluctuate. One month Kate is the more dominant in the relationship, and just when I start to feel concerned, Lilly starts to stand up for herself and suddenly becomes the aggressor. It's fascinating to watch the dynamic. Enjoy it!
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Congrats on finding out!! Isn't it fun, we did the test when our boys were about 6 months. They looked so different at birth, but started looking more and more alike. I'm pretty sure mine are mirror image twins as well. Not sure about the handedness thing, I am interested to find out though as my guys get older.

Ok, on the hair swirl thing...my guys each go the same way, but one has one hair swirl, and the other has 2. That seems really crazy to me, wouldn't you think that would be a genetic thing?
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Originally Posted by BoGiBoBo View Post
Ok, on the hair swirl thing...my guys each go the same way, but one has one hair swirl, and the other has 2. That seems really crazy to me, wouldn't you think that would be a genetic thing?
It is a genetic thing. MZ twins do share DNA almost the same, but they're not exactly the same. They also never experience the same environment in utero. That can cause different effects in how genetic information is expressed. You can even have MZ twins that have a trisomy, where one twin is very effected that the other experiences hardly any effect, depending on who got most of the effected cells when they split. It's extremely rare, but it does occur.
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My MZ boys are more alike than different, even now, at age 14.

At birth they weighed almost exactly the same; they were very much on the same schedule for months. They were those wonderful breastfed babies who only had a BM every 4 or 5 days, but when one went, you might as well get two diapers, because the other would go within 15 minutes! They cut their first tooth on the same day, though one started crawling and walking before the other.

They were monochorionic, but have matching (not mirrored) hair whorls. Both are right-handed, though one of them plays sports left-handed.

One was born with long hair; the other just had peach fuzz on his head. We could tell them apart in the dark! When they were 10 months old the bald one had enough hair to grab, and they were always pulling wach other's hair, so we had them buzzed. We had relied on the hair for so long, it took us a while to tell them apart. One has a birthmark on his temple, so we would never mix them up for long. At that point we started to color-code their clothes: Blue for Bryan; James wore all other colors.

We don't have too many "twin" stories, though the boys did both decide to play the cello without talking about it.
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Congrats on finding out! Love the pictures too.

Your story sounds just like mine, different sacks, different weights and I can almost always tell them apart. But most people can't, very like you pics. Most strangers don't even ask, but assume MZ.

My doctor said of course they're fraternal, but now that they're almost 9 months and still look so similar it might be worth testing.

If you don't mind, how much did it cost and what's the name of the company?
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Thanks everyone for your comments!! I am SO enjoying all of the replies!! It's really fun to hear about your LOs too!

I guess it does seem kind of silly that we didn't know if they were identical or not. Everyone in our family kept telling us they can't possibly be identical cause they don't look EXACTLY alike! I completely agree with the comments about some days the boys look totally alike and other days they look quite different! The whole thing is just fascinating to me!

mamaeliz- Are you planning on have the girls tested? I was like you- our boys are around an inch different in height and 2lbs in weight. Baby A was 6lbs 9oz and B was 4lbs 15oz at birth. I had quite severe hemorrhaging during my pregnancy and I think it came from B's placenta. I guess that was enough of an environmental issue to cause the difference? Keep us posted!

Gena 22- We used Affiliated Genetics. It was recommended by several moms on a previous thread. The test was $160.00. They said we would receive results in about seven business days, but it took about two weeks from the day we mailed it in. One of the lab techs actually called me with the results and they are also mailing the info to us. You receive a card for each child with four circles on it and a swab with a sponge on it. You swab the inside of their cheeks and put the saliva on all four circles. They have you do four tests to make sure they get adequate DNA. We had ours sitting on top of our mantel and my darling 8 year old decided to actually put the remote control away for once (on the mantel) and set it right on top of the tests!!! They were able to get the boys DNA off of it without ruining the test! Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions!
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Thanks for the info and the story about the tests! My DH is as likely as your 8 year old to put the remote down where it isn't wanted. LOL. Except that he wants to know too. It's not a priority, so I think I'll save up for it, but when we test I'll have to let you know how it goes!
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Originally Posted by Gena 22 View Post
Thanks for the info and the story about the tests! My DH is as likely as your 8 year old to put the remote down where it isn't wanted. LOL. Except that he wants to know too. It's not a priority, so I think I'll save up for it, but when we test I'll have to let you know how it goes!
Can't wait to hear!!!: Thanks for the laugh about your DH!!!!!!
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