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Good OB in Houston?

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Hi guys! I recently found out I'm pregnant, and I'm looking for a good OB. I wish I could find a midwife, but with my hypertension and diabetes, I don't think any will take me.

I need a doc who takes Medicaid, because DH just lost his job and insurance. I don't know what it is with me getting pregnant, but this is the second time he's lost his job right after finding out! :

I am most interested in finding a friendly doc who will actually take the time to talk with me. Would be great if he or she were in West Houston or Katy too!

Thanks so much!!!
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Dr. Stephen Guilliums at West Houston is one that comes to mind. Backs up alot of the homebirth midwives in town. I wouldn't say he has the best bed side manner, doesn't do alot of talking, but when it comes to birth, he will support natural birth with few interventions.

Have also heard good things about Jane Reed, not sure which hospital she is with though.
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