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Ready for another?

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This may sound strange, but i'm ready for another baby. Is this normal? Granted my babe is now 12 weeks old, I want another one already. I plan on waiting another 2-3 years before another child but is it normal to desire another baby this soon?
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Yeah, I kinda feel the same way. Last year at this time we were just finding out we were pregnant, and it was such an exciting time--I miss it a little. Plus, our little girl has been such a joy--who wouldn't want another!? But we're planning on waiting a couple years, too--I don't want to overtax my body with pregnancies right on top of each other.
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I totally am. However, my h had a vasectomy at the end of Sept so we don't end up like the Duggar's (which...good for them, but we could never handle that!). I get baby fever way, way too easily.
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When I think about how hard I'm working to get back in shape and the hospital bills that have piled up, I think I'll wait another two or three years.
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I totally have baby fever again - even though I have an 8 week old!! But, I wouldn't want to be pregnant now because I would be devastated if my milk supply dropped. Also, the other little minor detail that my husband insists that he is done having babies.
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I am just happy to enjoy my little man. I am done for now, I think having a toddler and an infant jades that thinking though! LOL

I can't imagine being pregnant, tired and nauseous with these two..no thanks! LOL
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IF we have another, we want them to be close together. My husband has been talking about trying again when she is 6 months, but I'm not sure I want to be pregnant and bfing, especially since I was soooo nauseous last time until 24 weeks. I would like to wait until she is one. But I AM super nervous about caring for an infant and toddler together!
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I think it's hormonal. I *know* I don't really want another baby anytime soon, but the urge to be pregnant/go through labour/have anewborn is really, really there. It's crazy. I am so glad to see it's not just me!
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hi from nov. ddc...
i remembe rthis feeling from when ds was 4 months old, i suddenly anted to get pregnant again, it was the wierdest thing and impossible because i didn't get my cycle until 14 months pp. if you are ebf you pobably couldnt get pregnant even if you tried so it must just be all the good breastfeeding hormones making you feel motherly and sexy. thats what i chalked it up to.
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Oh gosh, I'm so glad to hear it's happening to you guys too. It actually pains me to think about all the excitement around this time last year of finding out, etc. I get so jealous when I'm around other pregnant women! Of course I love my DD more than anything, but I actually feel sadness when I think about the pregnancy being over. Crazy.

I chalked it up to all the craziness that happened to me around week 19 when my membranes ruptured prematurely, then was on bed rest, etc. - like maybe I felt 'cheated' out of a normal pregnancy (though in retrospect it healed, and was normal for the most part). Maybe that's not it at all. Maybe it's just hormones.
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I totally want to have another baby now. The only things stopping me are I don't want my milk to dry up and I'm not ready to me swollen and pregnant again. In a couple of year we will definitely have another one though.
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I wanted another one when DS was about three months old. I think for me it had a lot to do with trying to VBAC (DS was a c/s) and I just wanted that birth experience soooo bad. I knew that another baby could be born by c/s again but still I wanted to try to VBAC. Well...we decided to wait until DS was 8 months old. DD was born via VBAC this past August. She is almost 3 months old and I'm not feeling any baby fever yet. We're complete I think. This feels right.
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It's not just me I'm sooo in love with my little man, but I just know we're going to have one more. I think that 4 is our magic earth baby number AF didn't come back until Liam was about 18 months, so if that happens again, there should be enough time for my body to have healed up from Elias' c/s that we can TTC. Ahh, plotting already
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