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Yeah Massachusetts!

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Ah...you beat me to it!!! I am crying tears of joy!!!

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Here's the text of the actual ruling:

My quick read of the news is that the Mass legislature has 180 days to come up with a way to allow g/l folks to marry or civilly unify.

There's also a movement to amend the MA constitution to prohibit g/l folks from marrying. Anybody in or around Mass have any information on that?

Gotta run. I'm making fake souffle with dc (rice and soapy water).
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I hope future rulings continue in this direction.

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Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried. . . !!!

We just got home from a rally downtown to celebrate today's ruling. One of the lawyers was there, as well as one of the couples (with their two kids) who were being represented. The energy was AMAZING! There were hundreds of people gathered around our small city hall, cheering, and singing. . . so many queer families, we felt really lucky to live where we do (not that it's a coincidence :LOL).

This is for real. We're going to be able to get married! The state is already required to recognize gay marriages that took place in Canada. . . and we'll be able to apply for a marriage license after 30 days! How exciting!

I love Massachusetts!

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Today is a great day!

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What a triumph!
I heard on NPR this morning that the only way to block it is to pass a constitutional amendment and that couldn't happen until 2006 and the legislature has to implement the ruling in 180 days.
What a day!
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Yeah Lex...congrats!!!

ANd Henry's Mom...now we have to get NYS in alignment...only a matter of time I'm sure...
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Good on ya, lesbian mommies and gay daddies!

I live in MA too. Now maybe my UU minister can marry her longtime partner and further protect their infant twins!

some humor on this topic:


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