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Waldorf Doll Making

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I haven't really sewn much but would love to make a doll for Julia for Christmas.

Has anyone used the kits from Weir Dolls?

I'm also thinking about getting the book Kinder Dolls


Does anyone have this book? Is is very easy to follow the directions?

If anyone has any other ideas or info please let me know!

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This is a timely topic for me as well. I would love to make Noah a doll, but I'm not sure I can really do it.

Looking forward to the replies!
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I'm making a doll for dd too for X'mas. I'm thinking about getting either KinderDolls or "Baby Dolls and Their Clothes". From the description on thesilverpenny.com, the latter book seems easier to follow. I'm going to the local Waldorf school store tomorrow to see if they have the books in stock. I'll report back..
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Our own LaLa has the instructions for free on her site. the last time I checked-she had the pics up but not the instructions saying they are coming soon! Thanks LaLa!
Waldorf doll pattern
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I have kinder dolls. It's ok. It really bugs me that there are no actual pictures of the dolls, just drawings. The drawings are fine, but not very helpful to me. People who aren't visual won't be bothered. If you get a kit, you won't need the book and if you buy a pattern you won't need the book, especially if you just plan to make one doll. If you are any kind of creative at all, you will be able to easily make your own patterns for the variations of dolls after you learn the basic techniques.
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Kinder Dolls is actually the best book I've found to teach you the techniques of head forming and hair sewing. I would highly recommend it Of course, I was working off the cryptic instructions in The Nature Corner so anything is a step up :LOL

I've ordered supplies from Weir Dolls and they have great service and quality products, can't speak for the kits, though.

Waldorf Dolls are not hard to make, you can do it! There is a wealth of information on the internet if you just search around. There is also a great yahoo group Waldorf_Crafts check it out.
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I end up buying Little Joys Dolls 16" pattern. KinderDolls look okay but I'm only planning on making 1 doll and the instructions look good.
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I was really happy with Weirdolls products and instructions. I also liked the LittleJoy products quite a bit!

I was not thrilled with Magic Cabin based on their prices (they were charging more then those other two stores at teh time for the same book etc)

And I know of some great links for buying waldorf dolls for under $45 if you're interested!

It's fun!
It takes me about 7 hours to make a doll and that is with simple sewn down hair.
If you were going to pull hair through a crochet cap, it would be longer.

I have made many styles. Teh star style goes really pretty fast...about 2.5 hours...
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Thanks for all the help!

I think I might order a doll kit and then after Christmas order the Kinder Dolls book. There are some other books I've been wanting to order that our library doesn't carry, and hopefully I'll have a little Christmas money to spend.

It will be so great to make all these different kinds of dolls!
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