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Prodromal labor vent

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Yay, painful strong contrax. Wuppie. But of course they mean NOTHING!

Start_________Finish_________Duration________Inter val
10:34:08 pm---10:35:57 pm---1 mins, 49 secs---6 mins, 57 secs
10:27:10 pm---10:28:54 pm---1 mins, 43 secs---3 mins, 18 secs
10:23:52 pm---10:25:39 pm---1 mins, 46 secs---5 mins, 26 secs
10:18:26 pm---10:19:57 pm---1 mins, 31 secs---5 mins, 40 secs
10:12:45 pm---10:14:13 pm---1 mins, 28 secs---4 mins, 45 secs
10:07:59 pm---10:09:41 pm---1 mins, 42 secs---8 mins, 33 secs
09:59:25 pm---10:00:34 pm---1 mins, 08 secs---3 mins, 47 secs
09:55:38 pm---09:57:16 pm---1 mins, 37 secs---3 mins, 31 secs
09:52:07 pm---09:53:50 pm---1 mins, 43 secs---7 mins, 6 secs
09:45:00 pm---09:46:44 pm---1 mins, 44 secs---4 mins, 10 secs
09:40:50 pm---09:42:25 pm---1 mins, 35 secs---6 mins, 10 secs
09:34:39 pm---09:35:41 pm---1 mins, 2 secs

So they get really really uncomfy, painful, and hard. I decide I need it to stop or get really real, or I'm going in for an epi. just for the fun of it. So I took a hot bath, because that will stop false labor or make stronger real labor, had two contrax in there, got out and ate dinner, the contrax that had calmed down got nasty again, so I took a Unisom and went to bed. This is also supposed to strengthen real labor, or at least help you rest through false labor. There's no way to sleep through REAL labor.... Woke up a few times with strong contrax, but was able to go back to sleep.

This morning I am sore, tired, crampy and CRANKY. I hate hate hate practice labor, I hate hate hate prodromal labor!!!!!!!! I am so done. So done. Lord just let me go into labor and STAY in labor till the baby comes!!!! No more of this start/stop nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I'm losing my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time this happens I'm going in and I'm going to end it. I can not have so many half labors before each baby. My regular appt. was today after all this last night, and did I make ANY progress at all???? Dilation maybe????


She's moved down more, but that's it. I want to know her position. My other two babes, we had dilation by now, I would be a 3-4cm with all this practice by now. I think her head is in my hip rather than where it should be and since there's no head really pushing on my cervix, it's not dilating. I think that's it. I'm going crazy
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!!! If it makes you feel any better, I'm ready for it to be my turn, too. Several days in a row of 3-4 minute apart contractions for a couple hours...then nada.
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That sucks! I hope things pick up for you soon and you get to have your baby!
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Oh sweetie hang in there, I know how much it totally sucks. Last night was my third night of such fun, and to add to it the contractions brought on the worst loose bm and notw I have an awful hemorrhoid and the worst case of diaper rash ever. It hurts to walk, get up and down, anything, and with a 3 year old I really have no choice. Plus the lack of sleep is starting to really catch up with me as well. It just SUCKS!!!! But I have no choice, as if I go to LD when they start like that they will want to section me as I am a VBAC, so I know I just need to hold out, and work on better positioning of the baby.

If you can find a chiroprctor and they can really help get the baby off your hip and down in the pelvis correctly. Mine helped me turn the baby from breech, and posterior, plus my back has not hurt in days, it's a miracle. Otherwise just hold on mama, that baby will be here soon! Sending you lots of big
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