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Possibly here. .

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Well, I'm currently pregnant. With my track record don't know if I'll get to stay (I had two m/c before my son was born then another this year). My DH and I haven't been sure that we were going to go for another. . but, obviously, haven't been good at not getting pregnant. I am surprisingly more freaked out than he is.

We're going to try to keep it quiet probably until around Christmas. It was difficult untelling people this last time.

So, sure I'm happy to be here. . .but understand if I'm a little on the holding back, cautious side
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Not part of this DDC, but I just wanted to give you a gentle hug and many MANY sticky baby vibes.

*wiggles fingers*
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Sticky vibes to you, and welcome!!
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Thinking lots of happy baby thoughts for you!!
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Thanks All for the welcomes and warm wishes
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Good Luck!
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