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eyebrite or help for eye irritation

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Anyone know about the dosage for eyebrite? My ds has an eye irritation complete with oozing and redness. I want to try the eyebrite compresses or drops before going to the dr. I

I heard that it may be toxic in large doses...anyone?

Also any other suggestions for eye irritations/infections would be greatly appreciated.

thanx in advance
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Eyebright has astringent,anti-inflammatory properties that are useful if inflammation seems to be in the eyelid area.You'd want to bathe eyes in a diluted tincture:5-10 drops in half cup of water.If you can give a bit more info as to where the area of the eye that's sore is,I can suggest a remedy as well.Hope it helps!!!
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saige -

thanks for the quick reply - his upper eyelid seems to be swollen but only after he's been sleeping for awhile. It started in one eye - oozing some yellowish gunk and a bit swollen. that cleared up and now the other eye is a bit bloodshot and swollen and oozing upon awakening.

I am trying to avoid the dr. although i am worried it may be pink eye - i am hoping it is just a viral infection. We also used pulisilla for a homeopathy remedy. Any other suggestions would be appreicated.

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A couple months ago we all had eye irritation kids had gunk stuff coming out and were really red. I think i actually had pink eye. We used eyebright tea bags and i use eyebright eye drops in my eyes and we all recovered nicely We used the tea bags couple times a day.
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