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Baby 6 on its way!!

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So exciting!!

I just got 3 positive pregnancy tests in the course of 4 days!
My youngest just turned 10 months -- it will be crazy!!

I am so happy though!!! :

I think my due date is anything between July 4th and July 11th
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Congrats! It certainly does sound like your house is going to be busy. When I feel overwhelmed at the chaos around here I'll picture how busy your house must be, K?
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Congratulations! What a house full of love you must have!
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and good luck....If life wasn't crazy it would be boring right?
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Congratulations! I can't wait until I can make a similar post some day We're just cooking #2 right now, but I definitely want 6 (or more! ). Your house must be so fun!
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Congrats! I have #5 on the way.
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Congratulations! How sweet. This is #4 for us.
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Awww...Congratulations : and goodluck
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