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I know I know it’s early... but looking outside and seeing the first snowfall of the winter had me in chills. So I decided to think of warmer times and naturally my mind went to summer camp. I went years ago, my kids go now and they rave about the amazing times they had.

I was looking for a site online to find some information on summer camp (my youngest wants to go and it will be his first year) and I found a great site where I could speak with the parents of last year’s campers and also with the directors and staff. The site seems pretty new but it already had every camp my kids have gone to, so that was pretty good to see.

Anyway, if winter weather has got you down, definitely check it out if you have kids that go anyway it's at

Stay warm everyone!

PS. This is the time of year camps tend to offer discounts for early enrollment. Just something to consider.