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Morning Sickness Fixes and Flops

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OK, I'd like to assemble a list of the stuff that works the help with m/s and the stuff that doesn't. Maybe have some sort of rating system where the stuff that works for multiple people gets updated in the first post, along with a list of the truly useless that we all keep hearing people suggest.

I guess my goal is a quick go-to list of stuff I can try when I'm feeling crappy.

You guys game? What stuff have you tried and which ones worked?

Fixes that work for many mamas
* orange (or lemon) slices
* frequent small meals (as often as every 20 min depending on how bad off you are)
* lots of sleep
* hard candy (citrus, sours, peppermint, ginger)
* clear drinks (clear soda, juice with seltzer water, homemade lemonade)
* ginger (ale, candy, cookies)

Mixed Bag that seem split down the middle
* crackers

Flops that don't seem to work for almost anyone
* preggie pops

For anyone considering meds, I thought this might be helpful:
Originally Posted by erin_brycesmom View Post
Anywho, I know some people that have found phenergan helpful. I think it just depends on how your body reacts to it. Seems like Zofran has a better rep for making people feel better though.
If I'm missing anything you guys think should be on the first post, just let me know!
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OK, so far here's the stuff that seems to help me:
* oranges
* eating frequent small meals
* sleep
* lemon drops
* peppermint candies
* peppermint tea

Don't seem to help:
* homeopathic spray (I can get more specific info)

Has anyone tried Morning Sickness Magic or other herbal supplements that worked?
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So far my what works list is really short:

Gingerale (the real stuff)
Eating small frequent meals
Phenergan!!! I tend to only use this when its really bad and nights before I have to work....those 12 hours shifts are killer as it is factor in lack of sleep due to being sick and its horrid

What doesn't work...

Preggie pops
Anything salty
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I think they help, but who really knows:

crystalized ginger
lemons (I suck on them with a bit of salt)
oranges (I've been craving them with salt but they're fine either way)
sour hard candies (but just a bit)

I can't wait to see what works for others.
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- homemade lemonade
- orange slices
- citrus sucking candies
- Fage (sometimes)
- cottage cheese (sometimes)

Doesn't help:
- crackers
- ginger ale
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I discovered this week that I have to be really consistent with my b6 and it works great! I take it once right before I go to bed and in the morning I feel fine. I forgot twice this week and could barely function in the morning. Then take it first thing in the morning, and once in the afternoon. If I forget at all, it totally screws me up and I feel really crappy.

Other things that work for me-
clear soda (sprite or WF brand orange cream)
eating whatever it is I'm craving (I crave something for a day or two and then can't eat it ever again)

Makes it worse-
eating too much
going too long without eating
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I was told tonight to try raw almonds.

We shall see.
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juice mixed with seltzer water
orange slices
candied ginger
chicken broth with ginger in it

These all helped me out last pregnancy. This time I have Diclectin and have not had any m/s since I started taking it.
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kamane18 - What is Fage?

notyetamommy - How much B6 are you taking with each dose?

I'm trying some wrist bands... they seem to help so far.
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m/s and nothing helping

I have found that nothing really helps... I try and eat every hour to a hour and a half. That helps somewhat.

I eat what I crave and then after a few days it takes me sick!

I tried m/s candies- no good made me worse.
Ginger- nothing
Diclectin- gave me horrible bladder problems and did not help.
Zantac- seem sto help so I can keep my head up!
Water- helps, and sometimes hot with a dash of honey.

I am probably not a good candidate to get good advice from as nothing seems to help and I am pretty well bedridden. ugh!
I am feeling very alone and want to do lots more like preantal classes and have a mommy to be group to talk with??
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Aaaahhh! I totally forgot to mention yoga! Seriously, I felt almost normal for the full 1.5 hours plus another hour or two afterwards. It was *awesome*.

zmaman - have you tried yoga (if you can even manage to get there) or wrist bands (like sea bands or psi bands)?
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zmaman--I'm so sorry you're feeling so terrible!!!

Things that help me are

eating frequently
mint candy
coke or ginger ale
chicken noodle soup or other brothy soup
rest--it seems to me if I have a really active day one day, the next day I will feel like crap.

I did take Emetrol once and it did temporarily make me feel better. But it has some preservatives in it, which really makes me not want to take it.
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What works... jello
gingerale and crackers
water or seltzer with lemon or lime

What doesn't... hard candies

MS sucks... sorry but there's no better way to say it! Hang in there mama's we'll get through this!
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what works...
*ginger capsules
*ginger and orange zest tea

what doesn't...
*preggie pops
*sea bands
*waiting too long to eat, but unfortunately so does eating (in any qauntity!)
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Originally Posted by zmaman View Post
I am feeling very alone and want to do lots more like preantal classes and have a mommy to be group to talk with??
s I know how hard it is to be lonely *and* bedridden! I know it doesn't help much now, but remember that it is temporary. I had horrible m/s with #1 and kept swearing she would be our last. By the second trimester, I was loving pregnancy. When she was born, I missed being pregnant and couldn't wait to get pregnant again I keep reminding myself of this.

Things that help me:

- small, frequent meals and plenty of protein and fat (but I have to disguise the fat)
- lemon in my water, culturing milk to kefir so that it is sour
- plenty of rest
- a daily walk
*- a daily meal of beans (1/4 to 1/2 cup). This helps a lot. I have heard that eating beans whenever nauseous helps a lot, but I just do it once per day.

Things that have not helped:
- milk thistle
- sea bands
- ginger (because ginger, in general, revolts me
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  • small, frequent protein snacks
  • cold water
  • Sea Bands
  • sleep (I always feel great in the morning and after naps)
  • eating immediately when hungry and not thinking about WHAT I'm going to eat
  • cold fruity things like frozen blueberries
  • homeopathic sulphur

Doesn't help:
  • ginger (because it's disgusting all the time)
  • pop/soda
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I'm also pretty much bedridden--I'm having a worse time this time around than in my other pgcy's, and they weren't easy. It's very depressing. We're going to hire a mother's helper asap to come for 4 hours a day until I feel a little better. I don't know why I can never remember this part of pregnancy until I'm actually experiencing it.

Ginger candy (they at least keep me from throwing up in the car)
Eating whatever I feel like without thinking about health--so far, Oodles of Noodles, orange soda, ice cream, buttered noodles, Special K cereal with milk.
Eating a bowl of ice cream right before going to sleep.
Zofran morning and afternoon
Phenergran before bed
Pregnancy tea with peppermint in it
Throwing up
Sitting by an open window
Sleep/lying down

Doesn't help:
B6 lozenges--the sour apple taste of the ones I have is gross
crackers--just delay throwing up and make throwing up worse

Today I'm planning to try:
b6 tablets
sea bands
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Do not drink a decent amount of liquid and then proceed to run around setting up for a dinner party you so foolishly decided to host when almost 9 weeks pregnant.

Sloshy is not good for morning sickness.
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Semi Fix - Zofran

Flops - everything else (and I *truly* mean E V E R Y T H I N G )

I know that's not very natural but I can't go through this hell again right now.
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Flops for me so far:

* Crystalised ginger {both snacked straight and steeped as a tea}

* Pickled ginger

* Ice water

* Flat soda

* Ginger ale

* Sucking hard candies

* Sour things {sour candies, sour peppers, etc}

Nothing has given me any relief so far. Last two pregnancies I considered myself borderline HG [midwife considered me full blown HG]. This time I can't even pretend it's borderline. It's somehow worse than it was last time. Still trying to figure out our insurance before I can find a mw and consider pharmaceuticals. I stridently refused them last time, but I don't know if I'll be doing that this time. I'm not even 9 weeks yet and have already lost 10 pounds.
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