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Please refresh my memory:

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is it normal to feel crampy at this point?

I should not be worried, right?
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I've been crampy on and off since 3 DPO and I'm pretty sure it's quite common.
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yes.. totally normal. I am 5weeks and just stopped getting the cramps.
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see, i worry if I'm NOT crampy- feeling bloated/full and slightly pinchy is how i've felt through both previous full term pregnancies- in fact until i started getting nausea it was my only real symptom.
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In a dimented way, I do tend to worry more when I feel fine. I have light cramping, have for a week. Part of it might be from my GAS! Dang, I forgot about the farts that come with pregnancy for me.
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Thanks for the reminder that it's ok - I was feeling a little paranoid!
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I have been crampy for about a week or so and I agree, when I don't feel any sympotms I seem to get worried about it and wonder is everything is ok in there. I also have been having really bad ligament pain on my right side. My ob said it was perfectly normal but I don't remeber it with my son.
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Paranoid too!

I have also been crampy on and off. If I don't feel appropriately nauseated, I also worry - the ups and downs of early pregnancy! It can be maddening. I always come back to trusting that the right thing will happen and that nature knows what she's doing.
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I remember being crampy right before my period was due with DS, and the same this time but then it started up (mildly) again today...glad to here it's normal.
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I've been crampy on and off, but everything seems to be going fine. I think it's totally normal.
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Yep, seems to be normal. I was crampy/bloated with my first and it's the same with this one so far.
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Yep, I've been crampy here & there since 2dpo.
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Oh, I'm so glad that this thread is active! I was wondering the same thing myself. We just found out this week that we're pregnant with our first! :
But for the last 3 weeks I've felt bloated ( I seriously feel like I"ve already gained 5lbs!) and super crampy, it didn't bother me at first, just thinking my cycle was funky this month, but once I found out I was expecting I started to worry! But it's all normal?
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ditto here~ cramps every day. they feel like pms cramps but it seems common. phew, glad its not just me!
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Crampy here too.
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I'm crampy too, and I was pretty paranoid about it until now. I just found out today, and I guess I'm still waiting to get the rug pulled out from under me. Once I thought about it, I realized that I would have bet good money on getting AF when I was pg with DD.
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I have been paranoid too (last month I had an early m/c at 6 weeks) because I've had some cramps this week, but it sounds like it is pretty normal. Thankfully I haven't felt any nausea or anything yet, but I am tearing up at the silliest little things all week long!
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Since this is the cramping thread... I have a cramping related question.

Is it normal to have some mild cramping after a BM?
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