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Pregnant with nursling

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I'm nursing my 19 month old. . he nurses frequently. Unfortunately I seem to be losing my milk supply already I'm stepping up the fluid intake and started eating more oatmeal. . keeping my fingers crossed.

Wondering how many other nursing mamas were here?
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Me! DS is 16 mo and still going strong (although I think I may have less milk because his nursing pattern seems to be changing). I really want to make it until he's 2 yo (6 days before this LO is due).
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me me me!

My dd is just about 14months, and my supply has alreadt really decreased. its important to me that she get the nutrients from it, so a good friend of mine is pumping for me and Im going to bake with it for her (muffins), and have her drink it, or put it in her cereal. Hopefully my supply will come back soon
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We are still nursing, too. My DD is more in love with it than ever. She will be 2 in a few weeks. I have not noticed a change in supply yet, but maybe I am dense? DD has not said anything, but she will nurse even when I know there can't be any milk left.

I have found Adventures in Tandem Nursing very helpful. I am tentatively planning to tandem nurse if she wants to, but we will for sure be night weaning in the near future. What is everyone else planning?
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I'm okay with tandem but night weaning for DS is going to need to happen soon. He normally wakes every 2 hours or so at night and I just really need more sleep.
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I have a 10mo
She is still nursing obviously

She does like food A LOT though, so I have a feeling she will completely wean herself before the baby is here
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Yes, Adventures in Tandem Nursing is a wonderful book. Need to pull it out and reread (I have a copy from the last time I was pregnant. . m/c at 8.5 weeks)

H has been nursing less at night the past couple of weeks, so night weaning might happen on it's own. I just don't want him to fully wean. . I don't think he's ready.
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Remind me again the benefits of nursing past 19 months? I'm getting sore, and he only nurses in the morning now.
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My kids nurses only for comfort after 12 mos.
I think that making the baby feel safe and happy is a good benefit
But yeah... I hear you on the sore nipples thing. And I keep having thrush on top of it!
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Im still nursing dd She is 23 months (I need t update my sig ) One of the HUGE benefits recently was Dh and I got a wicked cold and I think she did a little bit too but she nursed right through it and I think she would have been much worse off had she not, Breastmilk has all kinds of antibodies in it
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My DD nursed until just after her third birthday (so I guess anything short of that seems too soon to me). My 19 month old isn't very verbal. . I can't imagine how much more frustrated he would be if he stopped nursing.
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i'm still nursing my 2 1/2 year old, mostly for comfort around bedtime and waking. when i was pregnant with her i was nursing her older sister who was 28 months at the time when we finally had to wean. it was simply too painful at 6 months.
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I'm nursing my 17m old... I've also noticed a decrease in supply, and likely the taste. It's actually been very hard on DS I had no idea he would take it so badly.
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I'm still nursing DD who turned 3 last month. She's pretty much only nursing to go to sleep, during the night, and first thing in the morning in bed. I'd be thrilled if I could gently nightwean her in the near future, and I don't think I'd mind if she quit nursing on her own before this baby is born.
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I've got a 21mo daughter and she still nurses a lot (seriously like too many times a day to actually count). It seems like maybe even more than usual lately, but it might be my imagination. I know I still have milk, but there could be less and maybe she's trying to build up my supply. I definitely want to work on night weaning though because that's when my boobs get sore. I also think that as my belly gets bigger she's going to have to get used to not nursing in restaurants because she won't be able to fit between my belly and the table. I really don't have any attachment to either outcome when it comes to tandem nursing vs. weaning. Whatever happens is fine. I would like Jules to nurse until at least 2 (her birthday is right around the 20 week mark for this pregnancy) do you know if it's likely that I'll still have milk then? I don't LOVE nursing and if it becomes really painful while pregnant I might consider weaning. So far though it's been okay. Plus a friend of mine told me that nursing helps lessen morning sickness and frankly I've been feeling really good this pregnancy, so I like that part.
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I'm still nursing my 2 yo too. I nursed ds1 until 3.5 but ds2 seems to be cutting back a little. I won't say I'm not encouraging it. But I will be sad if he completely stops anytime soon. I don't think my supply is dimishing in any way so far, but I can remember the agony of nursing from a dry tap and I pray that it doesn't happen again!!
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I'm nursing my 13 month old. She's not thrilled with solids, and she nurses all day and night, so I don't imagine she'll stop any time soon! I am definitely sore but I keep telling myself I just have to trudge through ~ the goal is to nurse through the pregnancy and then tandem. I think I would feel guilty if DD weaned because I know that it would be because of the pregnancy...
Has anyone who has done this before tried the MotherLove More Milk Two? I'm thinking of getting some, but it's pricey and I don't want to shell out money for something that is ineffective! Also, it has (I believe) red raspberry leaf in it, which I've read can stimulate uterine contractions... so is it something you can't take until the second trimester? Any other safe ways to keep my milk production up?
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My DS is almost 14 months old. He still nurses a lot and I really want to keep nuring him. I hope I will not loose the milk totally. He really loves nursing. And he does not eat a lot of other food. So any ideas about trying to make it as long as possible?
When I got my BFP this morning I felt like I was cheating DS out of momma's milk. Anybody else feeling this way?
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My nursling is 4, almost 5. I've always joked that perhaps me getting pregnant will be what finally gets him to wean. So, I guess I'll find out if that's true!

My nipples are killing me, but I can't deny him when he says 'Mommy, I'll be really gentle, because I want to nurse'.
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I'm nursing my a little-under 3 year old but he's starting to taper off. We're down to bedtime and once a night which is a HUGE improvement.
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