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I don't have any advise just wanted to say I'm with you. DD has a b-day party scheduled for this weekend and invited the kids from her prek class. We've only heard from 2 people and they were calling to say they couldn't make it. DH thinks that since no one RSVP'd to say they would be there that no one is coming so we gave her all her presents on her b-day yesterday and are considering doing something special for her on the day of the party. The RSVP by date was yesterday. I still haven't heard from anyone. I on the other hand am worried that despite not RSVPing people will show anyway and we won't be prepared or even be home due to the assumption that no one is coming.
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I get frustrated by this every year, too. I have also found that people bring siblings without telling you, too. So I would ask when people call if they are planning on bringing siblings. Maybe have a few extra small things (not an entire goody bag) on hand incase unexpected guests show up.
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Let us know how it goes.
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How rude! I hope I'd be a bigger person than this and just graciously make extra goody bags, but I'm afraid I'd have a hard time not answering the non-RSVPers' door knocks with a baffled, "Oh, you came! I didn't hear from you so I assumed you had other plans ... Um, come in, I guess -- we'll try to make it work."

I don't think I could actually be that rude to a guest, but man it'd feel good to just give them a clue that the fact that they can't find 30 seconds to send out an e-mail actually causes you time, stress, and planning issues. :

Sorry, but people who don't understand that other people's time is just as important as their own is a huge pet peeve of mine -- I have a lot of trouble tolerating it and actually tend to not tolerate it among my close friends (and I show them the same respect of time that I expect -- and receive -- from them). But having kids forces you to widen your social circle, which can be great but also makes you have to regularly deal with people you'd normally distance yourself from.
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It went great! All the people that RSVP'd yes did indeed come, and only one person showed up who didn't RSVP (out of the 10 who didn't) - and she apologized profusely. Luckily I had the extra goodies, so I was genuinely happy to see her and there was no stress (she was also a huge help in organizing the kids and cleanup ) I came home with 5 extra goodie bags.

We had 11 kids and about 15 adults, and it was the perfect size. I gave my 4yo his first big to-do, and next year we'll go back to asking just a few friends over for play and cake I will say, with a Halloween birthday there is so much else going on, it can make my future party planning rather easy.

I'm pooped
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Awesome! I'm glad you all had a good time!
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Glad the party went well! People that don't rsvp bug the ever lovin crap out of me! In all my invitations I put "RSVP no later than *4 days before party* at *phone number*" and no one EVER rsvps one way or the other... this next time I'm going to be more specific... "rsvp no later than *4 days before party* if you are or are not able to make it"
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