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What's the scoop on fluoride drops for infants and toddlers??

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I never even thought about fluoride drops for DS until I went to his 1 year well check today with a new doc. They gave me a year's worth of refills for these things. Anyway, I came home and did a little research and have read stuff on both sides (for and against FD). To add to my ever growing opinion of fluoride drops for DS or any other little one, I am asking MDC mamas-what is your take on the fluoride drops? Do you use them? Why or why not? Please share
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Fluoride drops are supposed to be for the adult teeth when they come in. They don't affect the baby teeth that are already formed. My daughter had/has decay on some of her baby teeth. We have chosen to do fluoride varnishes on those teeth. But I'm not doing the drops. The dentist says that just because there is decay on her baby teeth doesn't mean that her adult teeth will be affected. I think they just love the fluoride. Good luck!

Oh, your pediatrician gave you these? Have you taken DS to a pediatric dentist yet? They like to start seeing them around their first birthday.
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I don't use fluoride at all on my kids, because I believe it can be toxic. I think there is enough naturally occurring in my breast-milk.
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Fluoride is a neurotoxin, I will never give to my DS.
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I would never give fluoride drops to anyone. It is poison. Fluoride is one of the biggest health hoaxes on the planet.
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NAK. I wouldn't use fluoride unless it seemed really necessary. But first I would make sure your tap water isn't fluoridated. And even then I would use less than the recommended amount.

Long story short, too much can cause fluorosis of teeth and bones. And research suggests it can affect the brain.

Try searching the term fluoride on this forum for more info. Also, check your library for the Dec 07 / Jan 08 issue of Scientific American for a thorough article.

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None of my kids have had flouride drops (pediatricians generally recommend them if you don't have flouridated water). I haven't found a study that actually supports ingesting flouride. Topical flouride, such as flouride treatments and flouride toothpaste, yes. Ingesting, no.
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do your homework. read at 'Fluoridealert.org' and 'Safbaby.com'. Fluoride is a slow poison, very easy to get overdosed for tiny bodies.
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