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Three Cheers!

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Let's all give three cheers to the mommys that are still pregnant and waiting! You have made it so far! You guys are doing great! Way to hang in there and trust your baby and your body! You will be holding your babies very very soon! :

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Hip, Hip, HOORAY!

Yes, you ladies are doing great! You are all being so strong! How tough it must be to read through all these threads and see everyone's babies. I feel for you, and I know you will all be holding your sweet babies in your arms SOON!

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Just remember that you have people cheering you on from coast to coast and beyond! You will not be pregnant forever. I already miss being pregnant, and you may soon enough too. Rest up well, mamas!
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Brava mamas! : Keep on keeping those babies safe and cozy! They'll be in your arms very soon! :
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who'se left???? it's gotten quiet around here??? wishing you all of the best!!:
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Thanks mamas.
I feel like I'm the only one left - but I think a bunch of us are still hanging around maybe not wanting to check MDC much because it kind of drives you nuts!
But thanks so much for the support!
I believe people when they tell me all babies come out... it can't be that mine will be the only baby not to come out, right?
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after 42 weeks and 3 days...i was convienced that she would never come out!!!!! well, she did!!! hang in there momma....it's sooner than you think
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Keep up the good work guys! Let's have some big healthy babies!
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Thanks, mamas!

I too feel like I'm the only one left- THANKFULLY NOT THOUGH. If I was, I'd be a little cranky. Or crankier I guess I should say.

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:Hurrah! Bravo! Horray!:

You all are being INCREDIBLY patient despite how you might be feeling! I can't wait to see all the remaining announcements, read your birth stories, and see pics of the sweet babes.
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awww, this was a perfect time to post this! I'm trying to be patient- I sooo want to hold my little girl, and my OB is ready to start moving things along, but I keep fighting him off, but wishing I could just give in and let him induce. But I know I should let her cook, and since I'm not showing ANY signs of impending labor, and she is doing fine, I'm holding my ground...

I got my hair cut today-my first 'mom' hairstyle- I got it bobbed, and it looks awesome! My neighbors came out and and told me to keep fighting off the OB and let my baby mature, and offered to come over and let my dog out while I'm in the hospital! also, we had only 3 trick or treaters, so I have a ton of candy left to eat, yay!
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hang in there, you are all awesome and brave.
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Thanks for the support. I'm now 42w+1d and my OB is starting to worry about the baby. She's been sending me for profiles every 3-4 days and the baby is doing well except the fluid is getting low. We can't induce because I'm a VBAC so if nothing's happening by Monday, she would like to schedule another c/s for Tuesday. She would rupture my bag of water but I'm not even dilated. Please send me lots of labor vibes.
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Thank you!!! I am getting so discouraged, and feel like I am going to be pregnant forever! No signs of labor...ugh!
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Just want to encourage you mamas! I was getting discouraged because I had no impending signs of labor, either. Someone wisely said, remember you can go from nothing to labor. Hold onto that, cause that is how it has happened for me twice now.

for all of you. Soon you will be holding your precious newborns and we will all be wondering where the time has gone!
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