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Hello everyone!

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Got my bfps last night, this morning, and this afternoon. We're so excited to be expecting our second child around July 12th! ::
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yay! Congrats!!!
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Congrats! :

I have a feeling my baby will come around the 11-12th too
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Yay! SO glad you are here- what a roller coaster of a cycle with the false positive HPT, then you ovulated, then you got pg for real! Is that actually what happened? It was sort of hard to keep up!
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Pretty much!

About 4 weeks ago I had 3 days of really, really light spotting and had no idea what it was. A week and a half later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. So I figured that could have been ovulation spotting. Then I took another test and it was negative, another and it was positive, then another negative. I went in for a beta which was very negative. Midwife said although they are rare, I got a false positive and it was a defective batch of tests. Two days after the beta I had some strange cramping and took an OPK which turned up very positive. So yesterday I tested and it was positive. This morning I took another, also very darkly positive. So I had DH go out and get 'better' tests and those were positive too!
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Congrats to you! What a roller coaster ride indeed!
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Wow! Congratulations!!!
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What a ride! Congratulations!
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