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Losing weight while pregnant and ketones in urine...

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A little back history. I have always gained a ton in my pregnancies 50+ lbs. I've always started off at a "normal" pre-pregnancy weight, and the weight gain is gradual but consistent from the time I get a positive test. I've also in general had no real issue getitng back to pre-pregnancy weight within a few months.

Well, this pregnancy I started off as overweight. I am 5'4" and weighed 204. When I found out I was pregnant, I cut WAY back on my soda intake (now i have just a few a week instead of like 6-8 cans a DAY), we also cut out ALOT of fast food and really only eat out once a week or so. I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and have lost a total of 14 lbs. At my last midwife appt. I had Ketones in my urine. (I know some of you don't believe in pee sticks during pregnancy, but that's another post of mine to make). Anyways, my midwife said that with the weight loss and the ketones in my urine that I'm burning too much fat and the ketones can be toxic to the baby and I NEED to gain weight and not spill ketones.

I'm not really sure how to fix this though. I really think the weightloss is from ditching the soda, and eating better. I'm not dieting, I don't watch my calories, in fact, I'm not really excercising besides walking to the mailbox down the road, shopping, and running after my 3 kids. I am eating smaller more frequent meals, and nothing sounds good, but I wouldn't say i'm not eating enough.

So, if I were your client, what would you have me do? Should I be worried? Or, could this be normal for somebody who was so overweight to begin with?
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As a trained CB educator I would encourage you to seek guidance from a nutritionist. Especially since you feel you're eating a balanced diet (not just proteins), you need more guidance than the statement to "gain weight".

It is not so easy for a very overweight women who is now eating healthier wholesome food to "gain weight" in pregnancy.
Your calorie intake is probably now "normal" and that is making you loose weight as it should.

An alternative if you cannot afford to see a nutritionist is to use a Weight Watchers meetings, they will give you the "pregnancy diet". It is great program. It's a 100% balanced nutrition and so much food to eat while you continue to loose or maintain your weight.

This is a great supportive web site .
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I should also mention, that my midwife seems to be really "in the know" about nutrition and gave me some suggestions on food, how much protein, veggies, fruits, carbs, etc. I should be eating etc. I guess my question is moreso, is this normal for somebody who is overweight, and now eating better? How dangerous are the ketones to the baby? Is there a way to hep with the ketone issue besides "just gaining weight"?
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If your only concern is eliminating the ketones, then you need to increase your carb intake... lots of veggies and some grains.

But I would suggest the first step to take should be to start a food diary, so you can discuss with your MW whether or not your current diet is sufficient. Write down every morsel you eat and drink for a week, with amounts. That will really help her to understand what's going on.

A couple of the big concerns with ketonuria are dehydration and malnourishment, so a food diary will help alleviate her concerns on those scores. Another concern would be diabetes, which she may want you to test for. If you can get ahold of a blood glucose monitor, and monitor your blood sugars after each meal, and put that in your food diary as well, that can help alleviate that fear as well.

There may be other concerns with ketonuria that I'm not aware of, but if you feel your diet is sufficient, the best way to discuss that with her is by going to her with a food diary so she can point to where it may be lacking, or realize that you're doing well.

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I agree that if your midwife is knowledge about nutrition you should utilize her to help you, and a food diary is a great idea. It will also rmind you what you have not eaten or drank when you are supposed.

It can be corrected easily if it's only diet related as cristeen advised with nutritious whole grain, fruits and vegetables carbohydrates and drinking enough water.
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I'm not a midwife or a nutritionist but from what I understand, ketones in the urine just mean that your body is burning fat for energy, which is a good thing since you have some to spare. I don't understand how that is dangerous or toxic to the baby at all. I can see if you were barely eating but if you are eating healthy, packing in the carbs will just cause your body to burn those instead of fat. But again, if you have the fat to spare, I don't see why this is a problem. I guess something to strive for might be to eat a little more so that you are not losing but staying the same weight?
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How long has it been since you have eaten when you get your urine checked? Is it possible to always have a nutritious snack to much on? pumpkin seeds and carrot sticks, that type of thing?
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The chemical/biological processes involved in losing weight, heathily or not, creates ketones.

Having followed a low carb diet before getting pregnant I was concerned about the statement that ketones in urine/bloodstream are bad for the baby's development. All the studies I could find on the topic (very few total) talked about ketones being there due to starvation, not a higher protein diet with adequate calorie intake. I think it makes sense that the body starts breaking down it's own muscle protein when in starvation mode, creating the ketones. However, I wonder if it isn't something about starvation that caused the damage to the baby's development rather then merely being the ketones.

Afterall, back in the days of hunter/gatherers humans ate low carb diets most of the year and babies came out fine.

That said, I did decide to increase carbs when my husband and I were starting to try for this baby. Imagine my shock when my midwife suggested to me that I increase my protein intake two appointments ago!

I like the previous suggestion of keeping a food diary for your midwife and revisiting the issue with her. I'll bet you and baby are doing just fine!
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Ghislaine - I have followed low-carb too and that was my thinking exactly - that losing weight always causes the production of ketones and are the presence of them alone a cause for concern. I wouldn't think so. I think you are right on about starvation mode vs. limiting carbs. People on low-carb diets, despite all the negative hype, lose fat and preserve muscle, partly because they are eating a good amount of protein. Too bad there are not more studies on this.
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agree the link to plus size pregnancy is excellent


Very good discussion of the issue.
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Trouble w/ketones is one complication I didn't have!!!

I only gained 5 lbs during my second pregnancy and DD was 6lb 15oz. I was overweight to start out w/. My OB had absolutely no problem w/my lack of weight gain as the baby was growing fine. He saw the lack of weight gain as a signal that I was taking care of myself and eating more appropriately.
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so was this the only time you have had ketones? had you eaten before you went to the appointment?
I would probably want to do a diet sheet/ and do a diet recall when I saw you at that appointment. with just cutting out the soda you are taking in about 1000-1300 calories/day less-- so I would expect some weight loss --
start your day with eating a good protein breakfast and thru the day you can eat 2 more meals and 3 snacks or eat small amounts through-out the day, for snacks I mean something like a yogurt or crackers and almond butter, or apple slices and cheddar cheese- any how something that has protein and carb- to keep your blood sugar even and I doubt that you will have alot of ketones and I don't think you will have to gain either --
now if you were vomiting alot or fasting then I would have greater concern but I think with what you have said that it is just a result of not flooding your system with soda and refined sugars all the time- weight loss is definately in the range of normal
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Thanks everyone. we did a one week diet journal, and she said it looked great. She liked my protein intake (she does really push protein), and liked my other stuff. Her only comments were eat more fruit (since i hadn't eaten any that week), and try to stick with only one hanful of almonds a day since too many can be toxic (I was eating tons). I haven't had Ketones in my urine before this appt. even though I had been losing weight.

I ate a broccoli, and chicken with cheese casserole about 3 hours before the appt. I do try and eat carbs/protein together to keep blood sugar issues at bay.

I have not had any vomiting this pregnancy at all (which is strange since i normally have hyperemesis with previous pregnancies). I guess I will talk more in depth with her at my next appt. if there are still Ketones.

Is there anything I should try to eat/avoid for the few hours before the appt. to see if it makes a difference?
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