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I'm joining too!

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Hi all,
I think I'm due in the first days of July (or could be late June....). I'm very excited to be here! Only DH knows and we are going to hold off on telling anyone for a few weeks at least. Does anyone else feel like their bellies are already starting to change? Mine does which freaks me out a bit, my pants are getting harder to zip and they feel irritating.
Anyway, I'm happy to join you all!
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Hi and congrats! I'm noticing changes already too. My undies are snug and keep rolling down. Ugh! There have been a number of coincidences about twins since we started TTC and I'm trying not to ponder that possibility too much!
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Hi! Congrats and welcome to July!! I go back and forth with noticing changes and then thinking they are all in my head. I think with my 2nd I got bigger faster and I'm trying to be very careful this time because we want to hold off telling people.
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