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Helen, when is Skye's birthday? Her party and birthday plans sound precious and perfect.

And YAY OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a beautiful, hopeful night for this country (and hopefully the world, too).

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Just got back from an election party.

All that joy is still quite theoretical though . . . I am not quite as happy about Obama winning as I thought I would be--I think I need a good night's sleep and some time for it to sink in!! I'll probably be pretty happy tomorrow!! The end came really abruptly, so I think it kind of snuck up on me!!

I must admit that even though I totally did not want McCain to win and was depressed even thinking about the possibility of him/Palin in the White House, I felt kind of sad for him. Although he's not my candidate of choice I think he's actually a pretty decent guy, and I felt for him--especially because at his age and stage of his political career in some ways this is sort of the end of a dream for him and the end of the road. I though that he gave a very classy and obviously heartfelt concession speech.
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Really overjoyed here with how the election turned out : I'm currently at the library to post as my phone and internet are still off at home, but we are hoping we might be able to do something about that this weekend. Not sure if that will happen as I was told yesterday was my last day at my temp job when I got there. Kyle is still waiting for materials to show up so he can start a job so things are crazy, crazy around home. I'm trying to get things set up so I can do customer service work on the phone from home, but with no phone and internet I can't do it yet. Trying to keep thinking positive and I've got some great references from the work I did the past 3 weeks.

I have no clue what we will do for Joseph on the 19th. I'm much too worried about getting rent from last month and this month paid. I'll be digging through what material I have in hopes I can figure something out for him.
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Barcelona, it's the 26th. She's one of the later babies.

Does anyone have a link to the concession speech?
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Well *I* am so relieved that Obama won. Such a change in mood from the last two elections when the prevailing thought was "OMG what are they getting us into?" Economically, Canada has always benefitted (if you subscribe to the capitalist/eternal growth theory of economics) from Republican presidents, but you will not find 1 Canadian in 10 who hoped McCain would win - me included. And frankly we need to start relying less on American trade and more on domestic and European anyway, so I'm cool with it if Obama goes all protectionist on us.

The dog woke me up early so I FINALLY have time to do a good post - although really I ought to be writing an article. Sigh.

Anyway, happy birthday Neela (and Ezra if I don't get to post again soon!)

Rowan, like all the other nov 05 babies, is becoming more and more a child and less a toddler - she certainly doesn't toddle! She's so wiry and strong and she can run run run... and dance, and jump off chairs, and she plays little games with all her stuffed animals and her trucks. And yesterday one of MIL's neighbours gave her a whole bag of cheap plastic bead necklaces which are apparently the best toy ever, strangling hazard notwithstanding.

She seems to be grasping basic mathematical stuff without any prompting or help - like if she has five things and takes one away she knows that there's four left without counting. Not so keen on the alphabet stuff, but DH is kinda plugging it. She has her difficult moments - toothbrushing, for example, is usually a struggle of herculean proportions - but she is such a generally cheerful, easygoing little soul that doesn't seem to matter much.

The only area we're having issues is with playing with other kids. Rowan doesn't really get the appeal of playing with other kids. She doesn't understand the concept of communal toys, so at playgroup she'll start playing with something, put it aside to play with something else, but she'll expect that several minutes later it'll still be there, and when it isn't she'll completely lose interest in playing and she'll attach herself to me and want *me* to intervene and get "her" toy back. Now, I've never actually done that - I try to get her interested in something else, or substitute something, or try to get her playing more cooperatively with other kids (a stretch at this age I know!). But it completely throws her and puts her off playing entirely, and once or twice she's just completely refused to play when she thinks that someone else might interfere with her toys. Any advice on how to deal with this? It's very like DH - avoiding fun just in case something she doesn't want to deal with comes up.

Well that's my novel for now! I hope everyone is enjoying the post-election bliss and enjoying autumn and all the rest of it! Rowan's birthday isn't for another 2 weeks or so (the 20th) and I am in denial about having to do anything about it.
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I'd like to watch both speeches again. Maybe they're on YouTube?

I told Gabriel as he was going to bed that although he didn't completely understand the enormity of what just happened, someday he would realize what a big thing we were able to be a part of.
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Okay. We got home from the election party at about 1:30, brought a sleeping Ella in from the car and dumped her in bed, and I went to sleep (with some difficulty) around 3:30. We skipped preschool and slept in until 10. And it's a sunny and beautiful day and the reality has sort of sunk in and I am now really :::

I am really feeling much more hopeful for the future and just excited as hell! Thinking about what I can do about promoting peace, financial stability and energy independence--starting at home!!! ::::::b roc:
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Originally Posted by Kavita View Post
I must admit that even though I totally did not want McCain to win and was depressed even thinking about the possibility of him/Palin in the White House, I felt kind of sad for him. Although he's not my candidate of choice I think he's actually a pretty decent guy, and I felt for him--especially because at his age and stage of his political career in some ways this is sort of the end of a dream for him and the end of the road. I though that he gave a very classy and obviously heartfelt concession speech.
subbing, in hopes of keeping up *sigh*

Kavita, that is just how I felt. I am glad Obama won, glad I don't have to worry about the possibility of Pres. Palin (yet...) but I really did respect McCain, and now he knows this is pretty much it for his career.... well, you said it better than I, but yes.

DiD, I am so very sorry for your loss. To echo Fern, a sibling is such a special relationship - this must be very hard for you, and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Happy Birthday to all our littles!!
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you all can probably see the speeches on cnn.com as i watched them live there last night. i agree that mccain spoke with grace and tact. soooooo stoked about obama!!!

i baked two cakes today to create a long copperhead cake tonight with my BFF, the cake queen. she's going to do the icing to resemble a copperhead for our park playdate tomorrow. i will upload pics to my blog, for sure!

happy birthday nov babes!!! happy labor days to you, mamas. this is my labor day. precious.
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Originally Posted by Gunter View Post

happy birthday nov babes!!! happy labor days to you, mamas. this is my labor day. precious.

Oh my goodness, I hadn't even thought of that!! Tomorrow morning at 5 am is the anniversary of the date that I woke up with early labor contractions!! (And just like that day I'll be cleaning the house and working my butt off! lol!)
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Happy labour day and birthdays to you, gunter and kavita!

Is anyone else having a three-year old sleep regression/struggles. Neela has decided she DOES NOT need sleep. If she doesn't nap, we can survive. If she does, it's a nightmare. I called in sick (aka exhausted to the point of nears) to work today and sent her to daycare so I could nap for hours. I cried most of the drive to daycare, and felt like throwing up I was so exhausted.

Our week so far:
Sunday she didn't nap, went to bed at 7.
Monday woke at 5:30, no nap, bed at 8 (a bit later than usual if no nap, because of a family dinner thing).
Yesterday woke at 1:00 and I convinced her to go back to sleep after a bit of whining and complaining, then woke at 4:30 grumpy, refused to go back to bed, napped one hour at daycare and stayed up until after 10:00, fighting sleep the whole way.
This morning woke she at 5:00.

I have begged our daycare provider to not let her nap, or to cut them as short as possible. I just cannot work all day without napping and then sleep less than seven hours when I'm pregnant. She's in daycare three days a week, with Matt Fridays and the Mondays that I work, and with both of us on weekends/alternating Mondays. Matt leaves town from Friday to Monday, and we have a family friend doing daycare. I also talked to my co-workers about using the first aid room cot for a short nap on the days I'm not coping well.

She's grouchy and clearly sleep deprived on many days, but if I let her nap it just spirals out of control. We're all at each others throats from sleep deprivation, and I suck at dealing with behavioural stuff when I'm so overtired. We're already doing every sleep routine, calm evenings, bedtime snack, whatever that every book recommends. I have tried co-sleeping and separate rooms, and it doesn't make a difference.

I tried the "teach her to get breakfast on her own" trick, but she needs help with her morning poop, so I end up just getting out of bed. She will not play on her own in the mornings. I can sometimes get away with lounging on the couch while she plays, and Matt and I split the getting up. I go to bed at 8 or 9 every night if I can, but I'm also battling the occasional night of insomnia.

Any thoughts? Any commiseration? Any magical cure for the early morning wake-ups (and accompanying poop)?
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Mel, just commiseration from me. I would love to do away with naps too, but if I try, she still seems to need about 3 hours in the evening with Daddy and DH doesn't usually get home from work til after 6, plus now she won't go to sleep for him, she just plays, so we end up with a wired, cranky girl at about 9 pm and then the next day is just HELL.

But if she naps, then we typically have a happy, cheerful, wide-awake girl until, oh, 10:30 or so. By which time *I* want to be asleep. But then she sleeps til 8 or so, and is fine the next day.

So not so bad as you, but I understand. I'm sorry I have no suggestions, especially for the morning poo (except for the completely unhelpful idea to start feeding her something a bit constipating and slow her down a little). I think 3 is a bit young to expect independant poopage, unless you put the potty in the bathtub, give her a peri bottle and hope for the best. Can Matt do the poo?
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It's been too long...

Hello all. I know I haven't been on the boards for a long time, but as we are all approaching (or celebrating!!!) our three year anniversaries of our sweet kids, I couldn't help but come and say hello.
I'd like to kinda jump back in here and pick up where we left off. Is it okay for me to do that? If you're curious about what we've been up to, you can check out my blog at revolutionarymama

What a great number of surprises with all of you as I tried to skim over the October thread! Amy! How exciting! Well... I'll not try to pretend to have acclimated myself to all the news of the group, but I'll try to be more present with all of you, as I've missed your humor and support. Love to all (and to use the favorite new smiley:
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Humph... it seems I've lost my old post count.
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Hiya, RevolutionaryMama! I know you were around before - I recognize Isa's name... but I can't remember what your previous screen name was?

I forgot to tell you all that if you want a wee giggle, check out my food blog... I found an, um, interesting carrot yesterday in my balcony carrot pot. One of my friends said it was taking the notion of soil fertility a bit far.
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Sorry to hear about sleep woes. If Ellie takes a nap, she's up till 10pm or later, and my mommy-patience runs out about 8pm, sadly. If she doesn't have a nap, we can start the bedtime routine around 7:15 or 7:30 and she's out by 8pm which works much better for both of us.

I am sooooooooooo happy with the results of the election! The kids were really excited, too. Yesterday in the car Killian said something about "Barack-O" and I asked him why he was calling Barack Obama that and he said, "Oh, that's just what I call him for short." It was so cute!

I'm so sorry that I'm terrible about wishing everyone and their babes Happy Birthday. I really have been thinking about all of you! For Ellie's birthday, we're going to have a few friends over the following Friday. Just a little party at our house, I'm going to try to keep it down to just a handful since it will probably be too cold to party in the yard. Plus, by the time you add in both sets of grandparents and both aunts it can get pretty busy!
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Now I know why I lost all my old posts! It's because I used to log in under another name... SpiritMomma! Okay, so I'm back.
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birthdays are here and past and fast approaching. honestly, i feel like a whole lot more years have passed than 3. ngaio is grown up..some days it makes me sad, other days i thank the earth that i have such a great kid. not that she doesnt sometimes act her true age..its becoming less and less common though. i think it has a LOT to do with being a big sister.. i sometimes wonder how different life would be without rue, but i cant even imagine it. its insanity, but im madly in love with them all.:

revolutionarymamaelcome back!

on obama..woohoo! a canadian mama who is soooo happy for my American sisters and brothers this day. i actually cried about it today. how i never would have thought that this sort of change was possible in our lifetime, but here we are..on the brink of something huge. its all coming together, and i know now that all of my faith in the world wasn't unfounded. it feels good to have my beliefs re..cant think of the word.. reaffirmed. thats it.
the fact that he was a social activist and community organizer, no matter what other stuff..he is this GOOD person inside..and thats what everyone needs in a time like this.. good people surrounding them. its got me pretty excited.

im pretty crazy busy these days being a single momma to 3..and having heaps of neighborhood kiddos over here all the time. but i LOve it. i had 5 kids here the other day and i was sitting there watching it all unfold thinking..i could do this. i could be a mother of 5..no problem. am i totally and completely insane? well, all except that i have no partner right now.. kind of doesn't help..but im happy and thats the important thing. i so wish things could be different with timothy, but the difference in how i feel about myself and mu life when im not involved with him is so drastic. i have bounce in my step..i feel awe in the world..and i know its not his fault, but its something about us together that really just doesn't work..so im putting out to the world a request for love..i want someone who Loves and cherishes us.. and i know that l find that person..any prayers and good thoughts cant be bad though! this is a big step for me...
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Fern, I want that for you too Having Steve in my life is such a big thing for me, and I'm pretty sure DiD would say the same about her Jim. Just trust that your soulmate is out there for you, and when the time is right then you'll see them clearly. My ex is playing silly buggers again, so I can identify with your situation with Timothy.

Mel, read Sleepless in America. Also,try the CDs from www.relaxkids.com - they saved my life with Alex (there's some samples on the website, I think). Have you got downtime built into her day? Colouring, bubbles, story? You know River does 4am poos once a week, so I can sympathise, I really can.
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Fern! You've got a new and wonderful baby girl! Congratulations! I think you can do anything, lady. I really do.

Spughy, nice carrot!

Thanks for the welcome!
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