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Spughy, you are rockrageous, girl. I so worship your culinary abilities!

We're back from Arkansas and it was actually a really very enjoyable trip. This is the first time I've spent an extended period with Jason's aunt, and I always thought she was rather . . . course. But she is actually SO loving, generous, and thoughtful. The 2 days with the MIL were totally uneventful and she even completely adhered to the wishlist I'd created for Brynn and didn't buy her *one* ridiculous piece of crap, which is a complete first! And Brynn scored an absolutely adorable "garden" themed play tent, which she is loving! I also got to see Melia, my BFF, who was randomly also in Arkansas this week visiting her grandparents. It couldn't have been better!

Now we're all totally exhausted but did take the initiative to unpack this afternoon, so I'm really relieved not to have 3 suitcases to dig through tomorrow morning. We almost always leave our unpacking for like the whole next week after we get home, so this was a nice change.

So Brynn's birthday is on Wednesday and we'll probably just do something really low-key. She'll have a birthday celebration at school, and then her actual party is next Saturday with just a small handful of friends at our house. Should be fun.

And happy birthday to the ones I missed while we were gone - Skye especially! So it's just Brynn, Winter, and Noah Sage left, yes?
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Wow! I am so fascinated by the no sugar no starch diets! It sounds like it really is working well! My good friend went on a candida diet and he felt GREAT! Though I never knew anyone else who did that diet or a similar diet. I might have to look into it a little more. And, Spughy, I am so amazed by your local eating. I'm sure I "could", I just wish I could motivate myself and get it done.

Amy, Ben got a tent for his birthday, too, and he has also been loving it!!

Queen of Cups: the deer incident sounds awful!

baby crying...back later!
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emily- glad to see you are with us in the NOV DDC! I like sharing two DDCs with you and helen!

amy- yay for a little brother! are you sharing names, yet? have you settled on a doula...or are you still mourning that i won't get to be yours? b/c i am certainly wishing we lived closer together. but i have been wishing that for years...

happy birthday, skye and ngaio!!!

awaken- next year, come to NC! we do thanksVEGANing with our best friends (who have 5 kids). it's an awesome spread of yummy veg food and kids playing like crazy while parents laugh a lot. we don't do tofurkey but do have a few celebration roasts. very tasty.

happy birthday, woody!!! yay for you to get a break and a birthday soon. and, another birth day soon after that! i will be 31 in january, thus ending my 'golden year'...which really hasn't been all that golden, honestly.
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
So it's just Brynn, Winter, and Noah Sage left, yes?
Brynn's is Wednesday, Winter's is Friday and Noah's is Sunday, if my memory serves correctly. We all deserve extra cake for being November moms with December-born babies.
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Hey, mamas.

Well, this long weekend is over, and I can't say I'm so sad about it. Dh and I weren't getting on well for a good deal of the time, and most of our celebrating--Thanksgiving and Woody's birthday on Saturday--were a little off because of that, Woody being sick, and just an overall feeling of weariness in our family. I'm really, really looking forward to December 20, which, in addition to being my 31st birthday is the first day of my winter break, back from which I am making no definite plans to return. Naps and nesting are all I'm saying I'm going to be doing between that day and the birth.

We did do a little bit at the house for Woody's birthday--a morning playing baseball at the park with his new glove, a lunch out at his favorite restaurant, and an afternoon at a local living history museum where he got to shoot a straw-stuffed sack painted like a turkey with a long bow a good foot taller than he, and vanilla cupcakes with orange-cocoa icing and little pewter candle holders that were mine when I was wee. At my school, we're celebrating all the November and December birthdays together this Friday, so I'm hoping that will make up for the little less revelry than there might have been with just us.
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Good 4:00am to y'all. Insomnia again!

HoneyTree, sorry to hear about the blahs, but I hope you had some moments of serenity on Woody's birthday despite it all. I still get emotional on Brynn's birthday thinking about just how far I've come as a mom and how much she's grown.

DiD - Not to mention for being pregnant! :P

Gunter - Yes, I do have a great doula, but AM still mourning that you won't be here. For reals, I would SOOOO love it if we were closer and you could be here for baby boy's birth! That's one thing that sucks about making good friends online is that they are usually so far away that you never get to see them. I'm still so sad that I'm going to miss Hillary's play tomorrow night!

I'm not keeping baby names secret (from y'all, at least) but we just haven't settled on anything. I'll find a name that I really like for a few days but nothing has totally "stuck" for me or Jason. I'm actually LOVING the name Adam right now, but I don't know if Jason is totally on board. We have also talked about Nolen and Nathan here lately. I don't know. This child might not be named til he's born!
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Good 4:00am to y'all. Insomnia again!
I get really bad pregnancy insomnia too. It's 1am here and everyone is in bed except me.

Oh yeah! : It's my 1 year wedding anniversary!
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Happy Anniversary, DiD!!

Hey y'all, is there a good place to buy kids' clothes and shoes at one place online? I've checked Land's End, Baby Gap, and one other place but I'm not finding a lot of selection for shoes. Maybe just Amazon?
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Happy anniversary, DiD!

Amy, sorry, I have no idea. We're wedded to our local (expensive) shoe shop because two of mine have wide feet and the third has very narrow.

Theresa, that sounds like a lovely day.
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post
Oh, I have no problem finding things to eat!
I would be lost Sometimes I think starch is my best food friend. And right now I am finally happy with my weight, I don't want to potentially mess with it. For years I had weight issues and now I am okay (until someone makes a comment about how they hate me for my weight I was pretty worried when Keagan and I went GF, but it didn't affect me that way thankfully. I for sure admire you for making that choice and doing it. The sugar thing I'd like to do, but feel like it would be really hard since DP eats sugary things all the time. How do you deal with that? I think you must have an iron will

Amy - I'm so glad your trip went well.

DiD - Happy anniversary!
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i second the awesomeness of eating local. we do a lot of it but not 100%. and, there is no way that i could eat moose...wow!

i am so stoked about meeting up with barcelona and queen of cups tomorrow!!! DH is only working a half day so we can make the 90 minute drive out to winston salem. so excited.

did we start a new thread yet?
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Ha! Funny you should ask, my dear... I was starting one the moment you posted .

New thread
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